Abs Fitness Workout how to get six pack abs

Many people want know : ” how to get six pack ” or ” how to Abs ” , answer is easy : ” Use this Abs workout ” . Your Fitness instructor now is free, just click play and see this video abs workout , follow the music. We advise the better way for do this abs workout , is see before instruction for each abs exercises that compose this workout. Use this best Abs workout for have a perfect abdominals , fast and quick! www.passion4profession.net

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25 Responses to “Abs Fitness Workout how to get six pack abs”

  • wijgmaeler1:

    2-3 times a day. 2 is fine, 3 just helps the extra bit.

  • timo518:

    everyone has perfect abs…not everyone has the perfect waist. you have to slim it down enough to mke your abss visible, so work on your diet.

  • Archerpyro:

    No like, how many do u do a day ? how long will it take for a 13 year old to get a pac

  • WoWImbas:

    @Archerpyro r u insane? :D just do as many as the voice tells u to do ^^

  • learnguitardude:

    shd i do that video for a workout and how many times a day should i do it? and you got any tips which help please? cheers

  • OverDose629:

    No Do it as the video play, do it as much as the guy does it, take 30 seconds break.

  • OverDose629:


  • yomomma3131:

    chances are, just click the movie and do it as it counts “1 and 2″ and just start and stop whenever it does

  • Archerpyro:

    I need help …

  • Archerpyro:

    So wait, im 13 and like do you need to do this for 2hrs ? like 10mins each excersie?

  • HurricaneGame117:

    how long do you cardio for

  • cuteamyn:

    if i do this everyday will it give me avs?

  • mos0007:

    after 2 months of diet, abs excersise and cardio every day,

    At last i have my six pack:)

    body fat is 9 procent.

    started with 13-14.

    Impossible is nothing…

    alltough this is allright excercise, the best one i used is 8 min abs workout,

  • ntrox12:

    i had one wen i wuz 12 im 13 now and i still got sum ab growing left

  • TheLoneWanderer182:

    then i guess tht u need less recovery or maybe more intense exercises go look some up and try them out u have to experiment lol

  • TheLoneWanderer182:

    i did this 3 times in one day im so proud of my self haha

  • marjensendk:

    If you work out hard, you should atleast wait 2 days before training that musclegroup again.
    When you are training you are breaking down your muscles, and in the time between training you build up again, if you dont have this rebuild stage you’ll just have the break downs, and you will not get the same result as you could. instead of doing stomach routine everyday you should do the other big musclegroups in order to get into the rebuildstage that requires lots of energy and therefor burns fat !

  • OverDose629:

    Do this once a day, rest 48 hours, because ur abs will still be working even if u dont exercise for the next 48 hours. Eat Eggs, Meat, Chicken.. Try eatin egg every morning. Hope this helps.

  • tonnazzo07:

    how many times?!

  • learnguitardude:

    could a 12yr old get a 6 pack?

  • N211nariman:

    aww i cant feel the burn in my stomach

  • Dalaryna:

    try to do just crunches with 10-30 pound weight behind your head. It’s probably even better than this whole cycle

  • Dalaryna:

    I meant to say once every second day x)

  • Dalaryna:

    dude just for your information, it’s not good to do it once every day. I’d say that doing it max once every day is more than enough. If you do it more often you’re actually burning your muscle rather than making it bigger. Working out is catabolic, the muscles grow during the time you rest with proper nutrition (100g proteines/day and healthy carbs)

  • dragonslayer77777777:

    I do it 1 time every day, usually in afternoon/cooler although occasionally I do it twice a day when Im motivated enough ;)

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