Quick 6 pack ABS NOW!

Personal Trainer Blake Adams takes you step by step on how to get quick 6 pack abs now. Feel free to ask questions, subscibe and tell all your friends.

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25 Responses to “Quick 6 pack ABS NOW!”

  • kobebryant14:

    lmao wtf was with that he was floating in the air this guy has powers ladies!!

  • irtehepicone:

    haha that black guy was probably like wtf is that guy doing..

  • mactaba:

    1:30 was sick

  • mgm376:

    on the floating part its just show in how your legs or feet should look when layin on somethin doin that excirse

  • 305FrEsH:

    there is 2 pipes “parallel pipes” -_-

  • JRockThe:


  • magma9999:

    oh maybe there are 2 pipes..?

  • JRockThe:

    lol, that part looks fake

  • magma9999:

    I just dont get the part 1:13 to 1:36.. he’s floating in the air or what xd

  • BlakelyAdams:

    Cardio, check out run of fun vid type in blake adams run of fun. most all weight loss is covered there. best regards blake

  • nor042va:

    hi blake, im 5’11 and i weigh 93 kg, i just wanted to know what would the quikest way would be for me to get rid of some poundage? most appreciated

  • 19Krista94:

    same here

  • LoversRouge06:

    hey :/ Im 5’9” and 165 It sounds like alot but Im not obesse its mostly leg muscle from soccer.I have the line at the top of my stomache which is hard but how do I get the flab at the bottom of my stomache away??I run for 1 hour everyother day.help please??:(!

  • iak3991:

    Hey Blake I’m 5’6″ and weigh 123. i have a flat stomach but i really want a six-pack for this summer. any workouts that i could do?

  • Anttwon:

    hey im 5’6 and 128 pounds. my bmi is 20.7
    i have abs, but its covered in a layer of fat, how can i make my abs appear?
    can you give me a routine to do at home?

  • TriniFire151:

    how much should i train a day?

  • BlakelyAdams:

    add more reps, and combat this buldge via diet. cut out sugars, and junk foods. thanks best regards blake adams

  • chingvang559:

    Hi, I’ve been training my abs for 2 months now. I train using weights and my abs have popped out like one inch, but they just buldge out with little definition(no cuts). I’d prefer flat abs with defined abs. So should I lay off the weights? Thanks

  • BCK7153:

    7 yrs V lol jk it depends all on ur diet nd ur work ethic

  • BlakelyAdams:

    with lots of intesity about 6 weeks, make sure you do cardio 3 days a week for 45 min.

  • nhatsux:

    heys im 14 and my bmi is 29. Im around 1.70m tall and 85 kilos
    how long would it take too get some abs?

  • BlakelyAdams:

    Add some wieght to your routine. Do your situps with a 25lb plate, or even a 45 on your chest. When doing leg raises hold the wieght with your feet and lift to a45 degree angle. thanks best regards blake adams

  • KilgoreDelta40:

    hey blake great video. i am 5’11″ close to 6’0″. i do have abs right now but i really wanna know how to make them look alot better. they seem so plain to me right now. they are visible when i flex them but i just want to breathe and they be visible. any tips?

  • JamesBong0:

    thank you blake

  • BlakelyAdams:

    spine surgery makes it ruff because each person is so different. I can tell you to explore your stretching comforts very slowly and find your current limitations. After bounderies are established you can explore with the various ab workouts. My favorite and one hat is easy is laying on your back hands under couch or table raising your legs one foot and lowering them. Cardio, like running swimming, climbing, for you the best is probaly swimming low impact on the spine. thanks blake

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