6 Best Ab Exercises To A Get Ripped Six Pack Fast

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25 Responses to “6 Best Ab Exercises To A Get Ripped Six Pack Fast”

  • hypersonic9t:

    You may have a six pack, but you can’t count! Or maybe I can’t count, the world will never know…

  • hypersonic9t:

    I’m exactly the same, I eat a ton of crap and never work out, I still have a six pack! But, I’m not strong like I have one, that’s why I’m watching this video…

  • AdrianHardy23:

    it says there’s 6 excersizes, there’s only 5 xD someone had a 6-pack on their mind while typing it :P

  • gavinjoaquinolivas:

    its better if you lift your head up on the 2nd exercise

  • 2107Niki:

    Hi everyday 3 exercises ?

  • rush2pj:

    dude i did that for 4 months now i got huge six pack abs damn ty for all

  • oOoShadowZoneoOo:

    You do ONE of those exercises 3 TIMES, or can do all 3 TIMES each a day.

  • tommygunner13:

    my friends skinny, incredibly, his genes have made his body have barely any fat in it at all. he eats junk food for dinner every single day. but somehow he does situps about 3 times a week and he has a 6 pack. so if u’re in his situation, just try to get into the routine of doing the exercises.

  • tommygunner13:

    um i counted 5 exercises in the video???

  • RiseORFall3N:

    How do i get a 6 pack abs?
    I am skinny and was wondering how i can get a 6 pack? Does Food diet matter? If so, please help since i don’t know how to read the nutrition facts and i don’t know how much i need of something or less… So i just eat pretty much anything……..by the way i am 14 years old and i also want to know what kinds of food i should eat?

    Please Help!!

  • warhammer40th:

    3 times a week

  • pelsipells:

    how many times should you do this a da?

  • TechReviews4U:

    3 times at once

  • domh10:

    probs 3 times at once.
    you wouldn’t get enough of a workout for ur abs if u didnt do it all at once.

  • Arcterious:

    At once. I personally wouldn’t bother with a couple of these exercises. I haven’t tried the jogging looking one myself, it might be alright. But I tell you this much, his 20 seconds of exercise is 10 reps at most on all exercises apart from the last 2. That’s 120 reps + whatever the last 2 are. You might get a six pack, but sure as shit not fast. I normally do 400+ Bicycles in 30 minutes with some crunches. Been a month and all I have is definition, nothing more. I do more and still not fast.

  • jernejm:

    do you have to repeat this 3 times a day, or do u have to repeat 3 times at once?

  • xJeffersonAirplanex:

    Depends on how much u work out b4 this because u can over-due the workout which will lower ur possible muscle increase.

  • Left4Halo3:

    lol ya know what no more jackin talk no more. i’ve got like. 10 comment replys saying something about jacking off

  • tbagcool9990:

    Jacking off …

  • Left4Halo3:


  • tbagcool9990:

    Me ^^
    But use your 2 arms otherwise u ll get wank arms

  • Left4Halo3:

    what? whos doesn’t like jacking off lol!!!!!.

  • GundamCustom98:

    LMAFO!! WTF is wrong with you. =P

  • TheRockGreat1:

    thanks ill do my best


    do any ab exercise until it hurts and then do this, it will be very hard i know but it will make those abs ripped

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