Toning & Building Muscle : How to Get a Six Pack

To get a six pack, lower the body weight percentage and perform crunches to engage the abdominal muscles. Get a six pack withtips from a fitness specialist in this free video on toning and building muscle. Expert: Bob Mathews Contact: Bio: Bob Mathews is the owner of Perfect Body System and has been in Phoenix, Arizona for the last 15 years. He’s trained with Barry Goldwater and other devoted clients over the years. Filmmaker: Dustin Daniels

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25 Responses to “Toning & Building Muscle : How to Get a Six Pack”

  • xavyi:

    no, there are only 6 abdominal muscles.

  • coolio1567:

    i’ll stick to some good ol primobolan at 600 mg a week. that will take care of my bodyfat

  • MrNeondeion2002:

    diet and running and then cardio this is hard gentlemen. i was ripped at onetime but i was burning 10,000 calories a day doing mason labor. Trying to get back to that level but its hard as fuck you gotta really want it or you wont get it period.

  • bradthechippy1:

    yeah, cardio. u gotta lose those saturated fats u’ve stored. the way to lose them is u need to either run, bike or swim with ur heart rate at 80% max for 30-45 mins a day. max heart rate = 220 take ur age. it’s hard work but do that and don’t eat too many carbs n it’ll pay off

  • realmofblood:

    he’s right man. i used to hate these guys i used to workout in high school. two guys that i remember at the top of my head had perfect washboard abs and they never did a crunch in their life until they started working out. they used to brag and show off how defined their abs were but its all natural. some people have such a high metabolism that they don’t attach as much as fat on their bodies like other people. its sad but true.

  • foxie175:

    does a 8 pack exist?

  • goodmanMD520:

    Great vid. I’m sick of all the vids saying “Get an 8-pack the simple and easy way!” You tell it like it is. I like that

  • lambent123:

    at 10% you will see the shadow of ur abs but need to be under 8% if you have worked on them for quite some time regularly. Average person’s abs (who hasn’t taken the time to develop abs) need to be 6% and under. I had visible abs, slighlty better than shadowy abs at12% bf, that is because i worked on my abs for really a long time, never ignored it at my work outs for about 2yrs.

  • sqeezilproducts:

    try cardio with your workout

  • teletubbies90:

    i already lost around 14 % fat but i still cant lost my stomach fat any suggestion ?

  • HighRevCars:

    alright…. im 14 and im not fat. i am actually pretty fit.. i have some fat i want to get rid of tho.. that doesnt mean im going to go to some homo ass clinic and try loose heaps, dont worry. i just want to loose a bit of the fat i have on me. go down 2,3 kg . any suggestions?

  • 5am75:


  • CapeofTruth:

    Hey man could you send me the vid?


    i know man-fuck those people who don’t do shit and have one-don’t give up man-ur nearly there-long haul ass and keep it up-good luck

  • Galileo0601:

    want the vid

  • 5am75:

    thats the way genetics work. same with me but now my stomach is ripped because i followed a guide with 10 different workouts of abs. if u want the vid reply to me and i’ll show ya

  • edj2010:

    dont ever give up!!!! man ur at 15% bodyfat, thats perfectly healthy, but if you really want those abs you need to get under 10%, in my opinion that is… and about ur friend that never works out and has abs, well thats because they have low body fat percentage, and dont worry about the family genetics if you work hard it will come.

  • FranLesPaul:


    I’ve been going to the gym for a year and a half, been doing really good, and I now have 15 % fat.
    My arms and legs are really ripped, but I cant get rid of stomach fat.

    And the worst thing is that all the men in my family have stomach fat.
    And I know a guy who doesn’t work out and has a six pack.
    That kinda makes me wanna give up.

  • UrbanArtifact:

    It is nice lol. Thanks. I shouldn’t complain.

  • PCvillage:

    thanks man, btw whats wrong with the guys voice??

  • willis1116:

    4 pack is good enough :)

  • ademb13:

    dude, i did mine soo well that i havent done a sit up in 6 months and im still ripped, u have to do it with heeps of protien and carbs with barley any fat it all works

  • UrbanArtifact:

    Yeah, I’m running like 6-9 miles on average, so I can’t do that. I do swet 3 liters while I run though.

  • UrbanArtifact:

    My whole cross-country team has a 6-pack except me. I only have a four pack. But I do also eat 4000 calories a day lol.

  • TheWarrior831:

    hahahahaha LMAO

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