How To Burn Fat Fast

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25 Responses to “How To Burn Fat Fast”

  • BSEASE12:

    wat food

  • 8u77355:

    i’m no expert, but it honestly depends on how fast ur metabolism is naturally. If u always burn more calories than u r taking in, then u will always lose weight. the 200 calories that you burned may or may not have an effect on you because it depends on if you are burn a more or less calories than u already intake. personally i would recommend burning a lot more. try some high intensity work outs instead of long workouts like vince said.

  • sachar80:

    would love to give him one

  • mastermaestro:

    I have to say I do like Vince’s videos, but HIIT doesn’t work for everybody, especially not me. I found that doing HIIT made me sweat less than running at a regular speed so that’s what I do to lose weight. I’ve lost 53 lbs so far, I’ve around 14 left and I’ve been fluctuating for the last year and it’s driving me crazy! I hope I can get it off before Christmas or the new year! I’m working very hard!!!

  • IntellectualSkeptic:

    Blazed15, I would not place my bets on what “everyone knows.” Common sense tends to be inaccurate or flat out wrong.

    Cardio will help you lose weight if you create a calorie deficit. Vince isn’t talking about losing weight. He’s talking about getting ripped.

    It’s a fine line between slim and ripped. You can get 98% there but you will hit a wall. The more fat you lose the harder your body tries to hang on to it. Most will have to FORCE their body to shed the last little pouch of fat.

  • Mrfosho09:

    i lose about 2-3 pounds a day so i eat 7,000 calories a day… it really depends how you eat and how much you work out.
    one thing that i experimented with is replace all the fluids you drink with water and you will lose wieght.

  • TheBaltimoreKnight:

    This sounds like what we did in bootcamp. We never lifted a weight over 30 pounds and I was the strongest and leanest I been in my life. Kill your body for short intervals of time and do intense cardio for about 30 minutes 3 days a week. And humps (hikes) are the best. On a Saturday or non cardio day start off with a 3 mile high speed walk with a 10-15 pound pack with socks to change incase your feet get moist. Build up to 12 mile hikes! That’s about 4 hours of walking at a 3 mile pace. Break to

  • brandeis1000:

    500 calories is ideal, around 30 minutes of joging

  • SteroidsR4Faggots:


    Watch my newest video to see VinceDelMonte admit he uses STEROIDS!!

  • foetus8:

    get why you people laugh at delmontes work!

    you better not lose control guys!
    you better not leave your chains!

  • GordonFreeman70:

    I burned 200 calories today, should I burn alot more? if so, tell me the number

  • scottdavis0676:

    abcgefp, what Vince is trying to convey is, the harder you work, the more calories you burn. Intervals are inherently high intensity, thus you burn more calories both during and after the workout. More calories burnt=greater fat loss.

    Also. steady state cardio performed at around 80-90% maximal heart rate will yield fantastic results. The key is to venuture ever so slightly, out of your comfort zone. That is where the gains lie, and progress is made. Push yourself!

  • CreatureGam3r:

    is it ok to do resistance training and interval like on monday and then weight lifting on tuesday? and so on? thanks

  • abcgefp:

    so basically HIGH RESISTANCE cardio and intervals rather than regular cardio that’s easy on the muscles? SOMEONE PLEASE RESPOND!

  • Blazed15:

    AmericanPowerBase you’re the retard here, everyone knows that cardio’s the best to lose weight…. except you.

  • Under7891:

    I feel like my muscles are quiet big and ive worked so hard for them, so thats why i dont try to get abs because i dont want to risk losing my muscles, id rather have a pot belly and massive muscles than skinny as hell with nice abs

  • shreycod4:

    Where do you train cardio?, i mean where are videos on the internet for cardio trainings

  • DGWPictures:

    Yes,this is why i’ve lost 3 stone,honestly kid,think before you talk you idiotic moron.

    It’s a FACT it doesn’t matter what kind of calories they are if there carbs,protein or fats aslong as it is less then what your body burns you’ll lose weight.

    Fucking dumbass,think before you type :)

  • AmericanPowerBase:

    Apparently you too are sitting on your fat ass and not paying attention and doing the research. Since you have no clue, it’s best to STFU and thank you!

  • AmericanPowerBase:

    You are just plain ignorant. Do some research, or is it easier to just eat pizza and lie around on your fat ass? Resistance exercise, ie, weight training is the best way to burn fat. There is NO question about it, I can attest to it first hand.

  • DGWPictures:

    This guy talks alot of shit,Cardio is the BEST way to lose fat,Vince even says he does cardio to cut for contests,he does nothing but contradict himself lol…his nothing but a money grabber trying to sell his shitty book.

  • jaboipell:

    this is a complete lie.the only way to truly lose fat is cardio. people just wanna take the easy way out and make up bs excuses

  • ericko8650:

    i’ve gone from 270lbs to 200lbs from March til now. i keep my carbs low(er), protein high and moderate fat(fish, nuts, olive oil).

  • oscarmartin88:

    would cardio only strip muscle if the bodys body fat% gets too low?

  • dream2last:

    other day i saw really funny scene in Planet Fitness Gym 3 almost 250 pounds guys were eating 3 large pizzas in the gym and then they started exercising probably hoping 6 pack lol

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