YouTips4U – Flat Abs Washboard Stomach Special Tip

To purchase a YouTips4U Custom Designed T-Shirt, please click here: For more helpful tips, or if you have any questions, please visit Hi, this video is about how to achieve a flat washboard stomach, a strong core and abdominal muscles. We all know it takes hard work through diet and exercise, including situps, but I want to share with you another special tips that I have practiced all my life. It will most definitely work for you as well if you make it …

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25 Responses to “YouTips4U – Flat Abs Washboard Stomach Special Tip”

  • gigglegirl1123:

    hi, how often do you work out? is it every day?

  • YouTips4U:

    Hi Shana, thanks so much for the terrific feedback. I’m so glad you hear you and your friend are motivating each other. That’s a great way to go! Keep me posted on your success :o)

  • miley5353435353:

    wow!! you have an amazing stomachh!!!!!
    i will SOO try to do this b/c i want to get a stomach like you b4 summer so i will have all winter and some of spring to work on it!! my friend and i are going to do this together for “motavation”(: lol
    anyways!! great video and i lov all of your videos:)))))
    ~shana~ :)

  • YouTips4U:

    Thanks so much for your terrific feedback. Those last few bits of fat are always the hardest. Congratulations on making it to the point you are at. You just need to stick with your diet and exercise plan until it’s gone. It just takes a while, but it will eventually flatten like it used to be. You didn’t mention how long ago you had your 2nd child, but it can take up to 2 years to be the old you. You’re doing great, just keep up the cardio to burn the extra calories.

  • maczmom:

    i think u have done a great job explaining everything u do. do u have any advice to lose the last bit a of belly fat. i am having so much trouble with that part.. thanks for being such an inspiration. i am also a mother of 2 and want my flat stomach back..

  • YouTips4U:

    Hi, it all depends because everyone is different, but if you stay consistent for a few months, you will definitely see the results you’re looking for. I’m glad to hear you’re doing your cardio because that’s what will slim you down so you can achieve that small waist. Diet is so important though. You only need to lose weight if you have excess fat on your body, if not concentrate on the exercise part & eat a well balanced diet of lean meats, veggies, fruit and whole grains

  • lagrimasydolor:

    how long would you estimate it takes to get flat abs and small waist if you run/jog or walk everyday and every other day your other exercises(abs,legs,shoulders etc) ?
    I have trouble with keeping a diet but what do you necessarily need to eat to lose weight? great videos by the way :)

  • YouTips4U:

    You’re very welcome! You can also do it leaning on your forearm with your elbow bent for support as an alternative. Thanks so much for commenting.

  • Emissha:

    Thank you very much for this clip! =) I’m doing the plank but I haven’t doing it on the side. I’m gonna do that now! =)

  • UltraMushroom:

    ur 9? and wanna get a diet? gosh wait till ur at least 15….dang

  • YouTips4U:

    What you can do is use a cream like Mederma and rub it onto the stretchmarks to help them fade.

  • YouTips4U:

    Hi, I was very lucky and never got stretchmarks with my pregnancies. Unfortunately, you cannot get rid of them once you have them, but they do fade and become much less visible over time. The key is not to get them by keeping your weight stable with proper diet and exercise. Sometimes boys get stretchmarks (if you are male) due to fast growth spirts – that’s unavoidable.

  • orange3purple2:

    I’ve never had kids cause I’m too young but I do have strech marks..:( I wanted yo know how you got rid of them?? (im assumeing you had them)

  • bast140992:

    hi utubers10 !!!!!!! :)

  • utubers10:

    hi best 1490992

  • bast140992:

    oh thanks a lot !!!!

  • utubers10:

    hi ime 9
    ime not thin but noot fat i need to get thin i want to have a 6 pack in 2 tears send me a vid on how and can u tell me how to get a falat tummy

  • YouTips4U:

    Hi, I’m so glad you’re finding my exercise videos helpful! Stretching is wonderful for your waist, back, and spine, but it doesn’t reduce your waist. You need to do cardio exercise to burn excess fat and calories and ab workouts.

  • bast140992:

    hi…I just wanted to know that if we stretch (with arms straight bove head) will it help reduce my waist ???? and yeah I am 26 cms around tummy area nd m chubby there….how long will it take to make it firm ??? thanks in advance….

    P.S. – I follow nearly all of your exercise regime !!! you are great…!!!!!!!!!!

  • YouTips4U:

    Hi, it’s best to just sit up straight when eating, but no need to hold your tummy tight. The same goes for when you are full after a meal – it’s very hard to do that. Just practice good straight posture at those times. You tummy will empty within 2 hours and you can go back to keeping it tight. I’m sorry I don’t have any experience with corsets, but I do know they hold your tummy and waistline in. There are similar body shaping products on the market; exercise is best!

  • piinkbunii:

    oh i got 1some questions,when i hold my stomach tight do i also do that when i’m eating? and what about if you were very full, do you still hold it tight? can’t wearing a corset help hold the stomach tight? thanxx alot your an amazing person,=)

  • piinkbunii:

    thanks alot i never knew about holding the stomach you are amazing thanx again!=)))

  • jetdocc1:

    Hi-just want to say I’ve just watched several of your videos & think they are all great. Very informative. I would love to try these exercises & really think they would work for me. However, I had a serious neck injury several years ago that has created setbacks in getting my abs in shape. Almost all ab exercises strain my neck & then I worry about reinjuring myself. Do you have some that don’t strain the neck? Thank you & you look great!

  • MrSinghdinesh:

    really very nice
    thank you

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