Top Exercises For Flat Abs – What You Should Be Doing If You Want That Six Pack Fast

If you are trying to get six pack abs fast, you will want to know what the top exercises for flat abs are. Maybe beach season is coming up, or there’s a wedding in the very near future. If you have to achieve your goal in as little time as possible, there are some exercises and workouts that will help you get there much quicker.

The top exercises for flat abs are those that burn lots of fat and raise your metabolic rate. 3 great ones are:

Renegade Dumbbell Rows Front Squats with Barbell Mountain Climbers on Floor

If you do each of these exercises in sets of 3-4 of about 8 reps each, you will have a very good workout that will burn the fat, raise your metabolism and get you ripped abs in no time.


In addition to the above, other great exercises to get tight abs would be:

Captain’s Chair Leg Raises (very effective) Bicycle Exercise Staircase Workouts Kettlebell Workouts Squats Lunges Mountain Biking

There are so many great exercises for flat abs that I can’t even list them all here. You need to learn that in order to get six pack abs quickly you have to stop wasting time on exercises and workouts that don’t do much good.


Alot of the information that we find online tells you to do crunches and situps. These will only serve to strengthen your abs. What you really want to do is burn the fat that is in front of those abs. In order to do this in the fastest time possible is to make your workout count.

Doing the above workouts in sets of 3 or 4 only 3-4 days a week will produce really good results. Remember to change out your workout routine so that your body doesn’t reach a certain plateau.

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