Build strong abs and lose abdominal fat (with Brandon Carter)

Go to myFREE workout plan Build Muscle and Burn Fat FAST AS HELL! Here are 3 abdominal exercises that will help you build a 6 pack fast. Do 3 set of each Here are 3 abdominal exercises that will help you build a 6 pack fast. Do 3 set of each For each set do as many as you can Do this 3 to 4 times per week Keys to Build strong abs and lose abdominal fat : You can have the greatest, most muscular set of abs in the world, but if they are blanketed by a layer of body fat …

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25 Responses to “Build strong abs and lose abdominal fat (with Brandon Carter)”

  • smileyb10:

    no pain no gain

  • vvirk67:

    i think that you should only do abs to one side of the body, like to the right if you wanna lose fat on that side thats the best way of doing it… and if u wanna lose belly fat you should eat watermelons the most, but be careful watermelon has a side effect of back fat… u might gain some back fat with it but at least the belly fat will go away and thats what youre after so good luck

  • OleVictor:

    so what kind of food do u recommend to burn that fat?

  • OleVictor:

    so what kind of food do you eat and recommend for me?

  • ShapeofaHockeyMask:

    You’re really narrow wasted.

  • haterz91:

    you cant target specific parts of your bdoy to lose fat in


    Damn!! Pretty Good!

  • elfanzo95:

    hey how long will this take and do you lose fat to cause ive got fat around my body so it doesnt show my muscle thanks

  • BrandonCarterTV:

    chill son, nobody is binging me anywhere. this is MY youtube page for my products. i work (out side of the gym) 14 hours a day! but i workout for only one hour a day, its not a full time job. EVERYBODY has at least one hour a day they can devote to health and fitness because you body is more important that anything. you may have to sacrifice some television but thats a small price to pay for your health. but thank for the complement

  • meer3344:

    they are brining the strongest man , with the most perfect body , the one whose exercise & training is a full time job for him , & they want us the normal people who are busy with thousands other commetments to be like them, its impossible

  • 4428hike:

    that wheel thing is hard on your ab`s … I get pain from just watching….

  • slim240293:

    This guy has a perfect body…

  • mattbofthree:

    No krb2k8, you’ll never get far like that!! Work each muscle group hard once per week to grow!

  • BadBlue23:

    Do it until failure… I like the way you said that. How long you been doing this?

  • krb2k8:

    thanks for all ur help mate , ill do all of your exercises every day n hopefully have 6 pack and pecks soon :)

  • jkhan1985:

    Also don’t eat roased nuts cuz once roasted the fatty acids already breakdown before consumption and you are taking fat like any other fatty food which will not enhance you metabolism but just get stored up.

  • jkhan1985:

    Nuts give you essential fatty acids (good fats). These are hard for body to breakdown and therefore increase the body’s metabolism (energy production) and eventually lead to consumption of more energy reserves. In short they help you burn fat. But don’t eat too much cuz you might end up with an upset stomach, acne and other problems.



  • TIvanMaia:


  • schmokes1:


  • scruffjones:

    good advice as its what i eat and i have lost 4 stone since starting my new lifestyle change.

  • schmokes1:

    pick a lifestlye. nothing happens overnight. stick with it. water, fish, brown rice, water, water, water, daily vitamin tablet, water, water, water, don’t eat 4 hours before you sleep. sleep alot and always eat a good breakfast. stay active mother fuka

  • xb0xher0:

    GO HARD!!

  • owhare:

    eefff that i wanna gain weight i have my mind set on it i eat like a beast do nothing but sit behind my computer and have sex everynow and then for the past 5 years and im stuck at 146 pounds

  • stingray666:

    I used to drink 3 sodas a day, now I drink 2 a week, if at that. Its all about reducing your calories and actually burning the calories you consume.

    Naturally the body will start to tap into the fat reserves when you burn more calories than you intake.

    It’s so easy, dude, its all mental.

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