Summer Workout for fat burning weight loss – how to get flat stomach – six pack ( female / male )

Working aerobically on your abdominal muscles for over 7 minutes stimulates the capillaries in this area. These in turn increase the blood flow. A greater blood flow means a greater flow of oxygen – and fat only burns in the presence of oxygen. Toned muscles need more calories (kcal) to stay active. Our organism tends to release these calories from the area nearest the muscle, in this case the waist area.

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25 Responses to “Summer Workout for fat burning weight loss – how to get flat stomach – six pack ( female / male )”

  • IbanezSkull:

    Idk who the fuck you think your talking to, you childish idiot. If I was fat I’d just want a flat stomache, but Im not. Whats the point in trying something to find out it dosnt work, especially considering theres so many of these that don’t.

    K, stfu.

  • kustomcougar:

    Try it and find out you fat lazy fuck.

  • IbanezSkull:

    Does this actually work? Has anyone got some real results from this, six pack wise?

  • Myschly:

    Cut down on soda, sugar etc. Cut down on all unhealthy things by 60%. Don’t stop eating candy or drink soda etc completely. Try however to eat fruit whenever you want to eat candy or drink soda.

    Try eating a small salad before every dinner. Eat slower. Take the time to chew slowly, talk, and enjoy the food. Eating slower helps a LOT.

    Go for a walk every morning BEFORE breakfast, this burns more fat than jogging or anything else.

    Most importantly: Don’t EVER go to any extremes. Moderate change

  • A7XFAN17:

    damn this workout gives u a pretty good burn if u do it right.! very nice.

  • wwebeko:

    you can go swimming that one of the best sports

  • kustomcougar:

    You have to do other stuff to get a 6 pack. It’s not just an ab routine. You need to diet, exercise, and did I say diet?

  • 4VENG3R777:

    Wow serious? I’m only 167 and i’m a oretty muscular 19 year old guy. how’d you get so heavy?

  • sevrdx:

    quick question is it possible that your to short to get a 6 pack cuz im 11 4’7 is 4’7 too short to get a 6 pack and ive been doing this for like 2 months and ive seen no changes help ?

  • TheSteems:

    No i don’t think theres something wrong. You are older and probabaly more trained then your sis is. And it’s actually nothing wrong to do it wrong at first. You better should help her and train her then laugh at her :D

  • kustomcougar:

    your a little fatty huh?

  • kustomcougar:

    grow up you little bitches

  • Curlyfizz:

    i am 14 and 11 and we are just doing this and carn stop laughing.
    My sister is on the floor doing this right now and im laughing my head off!!!
    she thinks shes doing it right ( SHES NOT! ) shes saying hse can feel the pain but i can’t. is there something wrong?

  • drunknteen:

    i’m 13. i weight 132lbs.
    i wanna get down to 120-125 lbs but i don’t want a 6 pack! i’m a 13 year old girl!

  • drunknteen:

    the vomiting is probably just because your body isn’t use to it.

  • Pinkie587:

    im 13 and i need a work out like serouisly.
    i weight like 175-185 pounds!! *CRYS* sniff sniff, and i try this for a week and my neck,back, and hurts, and i puke every time i do this….. Can someone give me an easyer workout plan please??? (Pleas)

  • MeesterMorisho2:

    if you want abs do these once a day everyday

    3 sets each:
    med-ball (using from 10lbs. – 45lbs) i use the 45lbs, but im 16 and work out 5 days a week, soo yeah.

    3 sets/20 reps med-ball pikes.
    3 sets/10 reps med-ball twists (1 each side = 1) so essentially 20 total.
    3 sets/30 reps med-ball toe-touches

    if you don’t work out often. your cool down should be this..

    5 sets/10 slow push-ups = 50 total

    if you work out a lot then do this..

    5 sets/20 slow push-ups = 100 total (i do this)

  • 311DiGital:

    u should if u wanna stay like this. im 14 with 126 pounds needing to get in shape 5 foot 3 but im not odee fat lols

  • kustomcougar:

    It’s up to you. Change you diet by eating healthy. A normal exercise routine in mandatory if you want to lose weight.

  • kustomcougar:

    No, now go to bed, it’s past your bed time.

  • jmd268:

    im 14 and 175 and 5-9…34-36 size pants
    i can do this..yeah

  • PhillipeShin:

    wait im twelve and like weigh 105 pounds and 5 foot 3 am i allowed to do this?

  • deadkillerism:

    hello.(i know this is going to be long, but pls read)
    OK. i’m 13 years old. i know tat u guys will be saying i’m too young to do this cause it will effect my growth. i will grow shorter and stuffs like that. . btw, my weight is 75kg, 165cm, and wears 33-34 pants. well, i don’t really look fat at the outside. btw, my school holiday is coming. 1 1/2 months of holiday. can i make it?

  • kustomcougar:

    You obviously know fucking nothing, and sound like a fucking moron.

  • kustomcougar:

    How about typing normal, then we answer you question? You’ll wake up sore is about it.

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