Super Fast Fat Loss Workout for Home.

Lose weight and fat at home with this workout. It can be done anywhere. It was featured in the world fastest growing fitness magazine last month. It is for male and female. You will lose fat fast even if you do this just two days per week. HH HEalth and fitness is a very good health magazine and I love reading it and that is where I got this home fat burn wokrout video from as well. Peter Carvell is the editor or his and hers Health & Fitness.

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25 Responses to “Super Fast Fat Loss Workout for Home.”

  • hedson25:

    can i do this workout while i’m seated? looks too exausting!!!

    hahahaha. i will give it a try

  • king638:

    thanks for the response but my comment was a month ago :D
    My arm is a lot better now so i can do everything in this vid, but thanks anyway

  • Shashanyaara:

    It’s possible for you to work out without push-ups, however, your arms are going to be extremely weak, while your abdomen and legs are going to be much stronger. So yes, you could ignore them if you just want to get rid of fat on your stomach.

  • king638:

    looks like there are no workout things that dont involve pushups, i injured my arm and cant do 2 pushup with it giving way

  • jocylyn62:

    this was cool:)
    this is great so i don’t get out of shape when school starts,and when school is on cause i might not join every sport like last year,and i don’t wanna look fat in my bathing suit,lol

  • Danneens:

    Is there some rest in this work out?? And how long schould i rest? And wen?

  • sandi85234:

    Awesome workout… thanks for sharing

  • crazylatingirl94:

    intense … my thighs are killing me and i only completed one circuit ! but im desperate to cut off 20-30 lbs so im guna do my absolute best ~

    THANKS !

  • doidazzleu1:

    OMG this is hard woah l0l… thnx f0r the vide0 itx really g00d…

  • UnworthyPot:

    thanks a million LOL workouutt

  • madio64:

    thank u so much i lost 15 in 45 days!!!

  • Rismababy09:

    omg this workout is killer!!! I collapsed on the last pushup lol

  • mrsxbobbette:

    hi, i have an inquiry about the beach body workout. this video was connected to that page after you confirmed your e-mail. it’s slightly different than the workout in the pdf. but i found it helpful to learn the correct posture. but my real question is, how often do we do the workout? 2-3 a week? everyday?

  • LilXplosive:

    This is working perfectly

  • kustas10:

    if fat turn into muscle then i am more happy than just lose weight:P:D but just loosing weight is good too:P:P,, this year i gonna loose my faking fat and doing this year my best year:P

  • CyberJ1:

    This workout is really good!
    No frills like other videos, just get down!!. Kudos to the uploader. I started today, and I promise I will do it everyday. I think I will give this one 2 months, lets see what happens. BTW, Icould only manage 1 ‘crcuit’ today, hope I will gradually increase to 3 :)

  • MsTerryYoza:

    nice workout doing it.

  • GodsentHellraiser:

    That’s called being depressed.
    The fact of the matter is, that no matter how bad you have it or think you have it, there’s always someone out there who has it worse than you. The fact that you’re sitting (obviously) under a roof, typing on a keyboard should verywell be enough for you to think “Hmm… Maybe life aint that bad?”.

    Be thankful for what you have, and stop worrying about all you don’t.

  • xcarliexcolesx:

    You know, for some people, it’s not that easy. There’s alot more to it then just “looking at the positive side of things”.

  • pasteeditar:

    great workout, im sweating like madgirl even half an hour after finishing :D

  • jessicaroberts321:

    My calves hurt so bad after just doing jumping jacks!

  • FTdavid:

    fat does not turn into muscle.

  • nicaragua50511:

    my 1st tyime doing this exercise and it really work im swedding like a dog wuff great workout

  • ellieeachillin:

    if that works ill bw shocked becuase fat turns to musels wen u exersize and musels weight more

  • asiianhoniie18:

    what kind of food do you eat?!

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