How to get Great Abs

What is the secret to getting a great stomach? Steve

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  • TheAtomicDon:

    I disagree with Steve that most people are average. I think that most people in this country are BELOW average as the obesity rate is what, 60%? It’s actually saying something to be average!

  • ComedyFoShow:

    i agree that you can get a six pack of abs without doing sit ups but its much harder trust me i no and when you say situps has nothing to do with it ur just making people think that you dont have to do situps at all i do them everyday that y i have a 6 pack

  • kristylejeff111:

    no matter how much sit-ups or crunches you do
    If you still have that layer off fat sitting on your Abdominals you will never see them.

    You start noticing them when you hit around a 8-10 % bodyfat

  • BodyPerformanceTV:

    Sorry but I’m not. You can’t compare ANOREXICS who are lacking in every possble nurtient to the average person.

  • BodyPerformanceTV:

    My pleasure. Keep up the great work! Send me some before and after pics!

  • everyday1sagift:

    WRONG!!! this is not true at all. If what you are saying was true then this would mean anorexic people would have six packs. Obviously this is not the case. Sit ups do work. but ofton people perform them wrongly or do not keep up with a regular workout schedule

  • coolandcalculated:

    I’ve lost about 20 pounds and plan on losing another 25 to 30 to get a VERY ripped physique. I should be CHISELED (but not TOO low) by a wedding my family and I are going to in Arizona this coming March. I’ll report back when I’ve actually lost ALL the weight. Thanks for the motivation Steve.:) 5 stars.

  • rekruit09:

    thanks for the answer but how do i make my abs more defined and muscular? because i dont want to be skinny and have a a six pack

  • brushfour:

    Hindu pushups/Hindu squats back to back? Have you done Karl Gotch’s” The Royal court.” Take a deck of cards. Turn it up, if it’s red you do whatever the number of Hindu Squats. If it’s black, you do whatever the number of Hindu pushups. When your done with the deck…you’re done. It’s a good little workout! But for cardio, it’s really better to have something that engages the legs constantly and continuesly like running or biking. The push up stuff is more stop and start..and it’s anaerobic.

  • john51880:

    You want cardio? go bang out sets of hindu squats and hindu push ups back to back!

  • mrballa23:

    Yea but dont do it to it makes pain tho if your tight is good then they will come in without you working them

  • mahnameiswin:

    Ab exercise do suck. Its always pain after you do it.

  • brushfour:

    Lol,…now that’s what I call having a CHEST COLD. I’m not sure if I’ve ever played this video? I was reading the posts and just listening to the video. I didn’t even know who was speaking. Couldn’t even recognize the voice. Good Lord, sound awful.

  • mrballa23:

    The best cardio I think that will really help to shed bodyfat every where and even your stomach with out doing crunches is Jogging I know I see my muscles come in on the side of my stomach and I dont work my abs I just eat right and do cardio and I just started working my abs now did this when I work my abs I do my lower abs first then work my top and middle but I rest 1:00 in between sets and I do anywhere from 10-15 reps 2 sets thats it because I dont like working abs

  • TheAtomicDon:

    No it’s not. Diet and cardio for the 6 pack. Lifting weights for arms and legs.

  • TheAtomicDon:

    20 min a day.

  • Awadog15:

    But what if im bout to start weightliften, If i wanna have 6 pack and have a set of arms and legs how do u combin em. Its hard to gain muscle with cardio???????

  • kamisue21:

    how many minutes of cardio do you need to do

  • alancbf:

    why u c ur biceps muscle but not ur abs?? Of course its coz the fat tissue embodying the biceps is far thicker than the one embodying ur abs, so my advice is do not stop cardio-ing until u c ur abs muscles without pulling in your stomach then start sittin up…

  • lukey120292:

    Im a very slim person with very very little fat on my stomach, you can just see my abbs when im standing, they stand out when i tense, but you CANT get ‘a six pack’ from just having no fat, you still have to build the muscle group, it’s just, no matter how much working out you do on your abbs, if you have fat, you wont see them, so remove the fat with cardio, THEN start abb workouts

  • 6igkilla66:

    bring ur legs up like u squating but on ur back and do crunches like that it really helps ur lower abbs

  • 6igkilla66:

    doin cardio everyday and doin crunchs and sit-ups around 2-3 days aweek for about a month or 2 months depends on the person will give u satisfying results deffinently

  • scotthornback:

    maybe he was speaking towards your body type,weight training does burn fat, not as much as cardio i dont think, but the more muscle you build the easier it is to burn the fat.

  • brushfour:

    My opinion, weight training does build muscle and burns some fat. I don’t think the boost in metabolism is as high as once believed. I believe that exercise, both cardio and lifting sort of trump diet. The largest part of the equation is what you DO as opposed to what you EAT. Exercise has a big effect on diet and metabolism. I’m going to sort of guess here, but if your cardio includes HIIT cardio, plus large volumes of less intense cardio thoughout the week, that’s more effective for fat loss.

  • callsahil:

    one of my trainer friend said that weight training will be the more effectiive way of losing fat than cardio….plz advise

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