How to Get A Flat Stomach – Abs Secret

Discover this one little secret to leaning out through the middle…Are you eating right and excersicing but still not getting the midsection you’d like? Check out this tip and let me know how it works for you at or friend me on Facebook at Stephanie Corley Huckabee.

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6 Responses to “How to Get A Flat Stomach – Abs Secret”

  • Diamondtitan:

    You just confirmed what I know I need to do. I find myself munching while on the computer or making my kids’ lunches. I’m going to really try not to eat at night. Thanks Stephanie.

  • SROCH3032:

    Great advice Stephanie. plus i find if i eat before bed i have a hard time sleeping!
    looking forward to seeing u again on qvc!!

  • msbarb1:

    Thanks Stephanie, you look great, I’m going to try to not eat just before I go to sleep

  • peachass:

    i think this is why i lose weight when in the summer because im too tired to eat i just go to sleep!

  • sunshinesscrapplace:

    Thanks for reminding me! You look great!


  • BorovnianHeir:

    Stephanie, your advice makes so much sense and confirms what I’ve been reading about leptin. Thanks for posting this and you look *wonderful* by the way! (As usual!)

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