How to Lose Fat Fast

People often think that, it is quite easy for them to lose fat fast. But, is it possible? Our body is a combination of different types of tissues, such as fats, bones and muscles. Due to consumption of excess oily food, the recommended total body fat percentage exceeds the essential fat percentage value.

The fat percentage in the body consists of essential fat and storage fat. Essential amount of fat is necessary for safeguarding of life. Excess amount of fat is hazardous. People often ask questions, do the fat percentage in men and women differ. Well, the answer to this is, body fat percentage in women is greater compared to men. Essential fat is 2-5% in men, and 10-13% in women.

Health Problems:

It is easy to gain fat fast rather than to lose fat fast. People tend to consume more amount of fatty food. Severe obesity is associated with significant medical, psychological and physical problems.

Individuals with extra amount of fat have increased risk of serious diseases like diabetes, blood pressure, cardiovascular disease, strokes, sleep apnea, orthopedic problems, and hormonal problems. Thus, patients with super-obesity have greater risk of serious illness.


We are aware that, excessive fat in our body, leads to several problems. People must create a slight calorie deficit in order to lose fat fast. The most effective way is the exercise. Every individual should take out some time for workouts. Workouts make a difference, both in weight and health.

Make proper food charts, so that it is easier for you look up for daily food program. Drink adequate amount of water daily to enable body to function properly. Water flushes harmful toxins and impurities present in the body. Never be selective about best program to lose fat fast, but a proper planning about what is best for health, is quite important.

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