Proven 5 Step Fat Loss Program

Atlanta Personal Trainer and Founder of Body Design, Corey Ritter, explains the 5 step fat loss program to help you maximize your overall weight loss.

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8 Responses to “Proven 5 Step Fat Loss Program”

  • 90mloda:

    resistance training builds muscle

  • doddsalfa:

    resistance training build muscle

  • mlh8723:

    So what exactly is resistance training?.
    Is there a difference between resistance training and muscle building?

  • moeniaz:

    thanx good advice

  • mm34rider:

    hey buddy just something to add… you might wanna include high intensity weight lifting BEFORE cardio. it will boost the metabolism and more calories will be burned in your cardio. also, dont run for hours. 20 minutes is plenty after a good workout. not only will you get tighter and more tone, but using those muscles is benificial in so many ways other than the weight. less risk for injury, more energy over all, etc. just something to look into =] its good what your doing keep it up.

  • Sir0wnzAl0t:

    start off by working out each muscle group once a week WITH high intensity. Pick 4 exercises for each large muscle group(pecs, latissimus dorsi, legs, etc), 3 sets each!!! and 3 exercises for each small muscle group(biceps, triceps,etc), 3 sets each!!!

    so….. 12(4x3sets) sets for large and 9(3x3sets) sets.

    GL on your training mate!

  • boyaddicted:

    hey correy,
    i need ur guidance.m gonna go gym from monday but since i have neva been in gym , except for cardio.. i dont know what to do . i wanna build muscle or body mass and also have my six pack. can you please guide .. any schedul or what to do when i hit the gym

    thank you

  • madmikeF:

    good video and info for those who wants to lose weight

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