Lose Belly Fat

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25 Responses to “Lose Belly Fat”

  • BoHaN865:

    body fat to fit into*

  • BoHaN865:

    Working your muscles will create lactic acides that will butn fat and your will create caps and a bigger body for the body fit to fit into.

    But in order to lose the fat you need to work on creating more lactic acides and be extremly exosted and burning.

  • 42jackpot42:

    5 minet video and i dont know how to lose body fat

  • hectorsanchezmusic:

    its not beer. its the alcohol. most people don’t realize the vast amount of calories that are in beer

  • Th3PirateKing:

    Roflmao xD that killed me ! haha

  • ccb5000:

    he sounds so nerves

  • gshineman:

    hes fuckin right tho im tryin to lose weight so bad im 6’4 275 in highschool in grad of 07 i was 220 idk someone help me

  • coolboy18196:

    thanks,i’m 10 but i’m a littlie fat

  • Souran123:

    he said “i cant get rid of my belly flap!” lol

  • LloydSimcoe:

    im 20 and I way 126 pounds. I haave got a very small amoutn of belly fat. However, I want to gain muscle and get a 6 pack. I don’t want to be a big beast weightlifter lol Just a body to be proud of :)

  • canuckman87:

    Im 5’9 or 5’9.5 and 185 pounds. Im buff with definition but I do have some baby fat in my belly. I dont care about abs but I do want that flat stomach look.

  • gwiazdka19932:

    but you see the thing is that you only getinng your muscle bigger and just because of this you look fatter… that dosen’t worka there is better idea

  • TheRealK6:


    Now about the Treadmill exercises:
    Its not at some constant speed or constant incline, it varies because its one of those planned programs on the treadmill and I am on the Jog mode right now. I was on walk last month and next month I will be on Run Mode. I am trying to slowly introduce the intensity to my body.

    About the weights:
    Currently lifting 15 lbs to 20 lbs per arm. And, I increase by 5 lbs per month.

    I dont’ want huge arms or a huge chest.
    At most 15 to 16″ arms.

  • TheRealK6:

    Some one reply, anyone…
    Background information:
    I’m a guy and I have a big dunlop belly

    I am 6 feet tall and about 220 pounds.
    I used to be 250.
    I am trying to get down to 180, at most 170. But I don’t plan on losing it all in a month or 2, I’m planning on losing it over a 8 to 10 month period, but I want to target my belly fat the most.

    Present exercises:
    I’m on the treadmill for 30 min. every other day.

    I only lift dumbbells once a week.


  • alexander92648:

    this guy is totally in your face… to the extreme…

  • BADAMIboy63:

    3:33 that’s what she said….

  • plooperbird:

    “I hope you’re taking notes…”

  • bxkidd183:

    im 15 and weight 118 pounds, i got a good chest and my outline of my 6 pac shows but i got belly fat covering it :(

  • missyme1995:

    yes i know the song its called dont stay :D

  • urlame101:

    he’s just wide and i could tell he wasn’t flexing his abdominal or sucking in

  • urlame101:

    some song by linkin park idk which one. hope i helped

  • magemagic101:

    Go to a workout gym.. don’t heavy lift but just go for maybe 3 sets of 15 reps for each exercise. Eat less, and go for runs. Don’t get lazy with that and it will all be worth it

  • sketer34:

    im 13 and i weigh 168 should i try this i dont wana have like a great bod just like umm lets see no man boobs lol or a stomach that hangs over my pants

  • missyme1995:

    love the song!

    great tips

    thank you!

  • milestails1509:

    should i do this?im only 12 and i want to lose weight so bad!!!!i weigh 221.and i want to weigh under 150 pounds

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