The Truth About Abs

The Truth About Abs In this video I talk about six common ab myths: Myth 1 – you get abs by doing ab exercises Myth 2 – you can get abs in just 8 minutes a day Myth 3 – you can do spot fat removal Myth 4- to get 6-pack abs you need to buy something Myth 5- For lower abs you need to do special exercises Myth 6- Getting abs requires long, grueling ab workoutsAnyone can be healthier, have more energy, sleep better, and feel better about themselves through bodybuilding. Bodybuilding doesn’t have …

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25 Responses to “The Truth About Abs”

  • superheromichael:

    lolol 30 minutes… it says 1/2 hr later in my post… :P

  • Firedragongold:

    You’re my favorite jew in the whole world! My abs are lookin good.

  • XxBlackWatchxX:

    Sorry, but the thing with the electro shock is (at least for me) only partly true.
    I have lost in, more or less, 9 month over 40 Kilos (?pounds?), and my skin is several numbers too big for me. I’m going to the gym and have quite good results, but not THAT good. So I have decided to go to a special body therapy that helps me with my skin problem, and it works!
    OK, it doesn’t feel THAT good (using high voltage [remember Crank2, when he used the car?]) but it works! The results are incredible!

  • XxBlackWatchxX:

    Why can’t be a scooby in my gym? :-(
    JUST FOR ME!!!

    (including the dwarf [sp?, i mean his Gimli] AND the pillow. This would be GREAT!)

  • oboroBL07:

    plus you can see some plants moving..

  • ammarselo:

    Great video!

    I wasn’t really crazy about the farting part, please take that out.

  • carlitoway44:

    GOD Bless u man!

  • in2theabyss17:

    Hey, Scoob…damn good videos and advice!

  • ganon2009:

    Wow your like very buff you lucky, whats your diet.

  • aurele007:

    chest implant

  • flowerpiercer3000:

    haha youre cool :D the hat is killer *gg… and YOURE RIGHT!

  • a68rebel:

    I like your Gilligan hat

  • MilanJ4:

    You do know there’s only 24 hrs in a day right?

  • superheromichael:

    no its not. It’s his garden, in other videos you see other angles/ floor etc.. its real

  • superheromichael:

    30 hr every day of any cardio! I recommend downloadiong some good shows or videos to watch…. 1/2 hr a day get boring!!

  • MilanJ4:

    Hi Scoob, I have a question. For my cardio workout, I usually run on a treadmill now because of colder weather approaching. How long would you recommend running on it?

  • Jakeybabe100:

    Hey man,
    im a big fan of yours, and i was curious whats ur daily calorie intake, and whats ur diet? and, im not sure if you would know much about a bowflex, i have one and personally, i hate it…would u know any amazingly awesome work outs for that contraprion. i would buy the good ole’ dumbells…but im only 16, and have NO money…

  • ForzaInternazionale9:

    No its not, he moves the plant with his arm at 6:05 :P

  • elpibe510:

    the background is fake. lol

  • GIRScucpcake:

    i knew it! starving yourself is bad :o

  • 1gudspliff:

    Good man scooby, we all praise you, keep on working on your personal goals,


  • scooby1961:

    What are my six meals? I’m actually going to make a video on that because all the time I get comments like “I dont have time to eat well”. I work three jobs and if I can eat 6 healthy meals, anyone can. I’m going to make a video of my daily nutritional regimen which will include eating at the computer, eating on the tailgate, and eating on the beach.

  • BorisJankovic:

    This is so funny and i feel like 1% smarter ^_^ lol

    Thanks scooby :p

  • 50piecesteve:

    someone jealous?

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