Foods That Burn Fat For Six Pack Abs

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25 Responses to “Foods That Burn Fat For Six Pack Abs”

  • thrashnburn30:

    eat big macks for breakfast and you’ll be amazed how much weight you’ll lose! it worked for me

  • KurtSandford:


    The skin will have more calories than the chicken.

  • lol4ever72:

    yes he does lol in case you havent seen it, there is a video by scooby about abs and in it he tells you all the nutritional things you need to know what to eat, when to eat, how much to eat etc. by your body size.

  • bigbitchification:

    i hate counting calories

  • mohammad112388:

    Yea, but scooby doesn’t give you ever little tiny detail about everything you need to know. He may help out with workouts and really good informational tips…but he doesn’t tell you exactly what to eat, when to eat, how much to eat, what exercises to do, when to do them, how often you need to do them what reprange to move through as you get stronger. The list goes on and on. You get what you pay for, and Vince has the BEST muscle building program on the market.

  • mohammad112388:

    Without skin definitely.

  • xJustinx704x:

    this guy looks like a Bird…LOL

  • MrZenic:

    Chicken with or without skin?

  • lol4ever72:

    KStala is right, scooby1961 helped me out, and his website is free with no need to sign up or anything like that

  • KStala:

    you ´re right ;)

  • doorslamer2410:

    scooby is great good on you for spreading his name mate

  • kristylejeff111:

    Foods don’t burn fat working out does lol
    you can’t just eat your way a good body

  • garzamma:

    vince, what about beans? thanks for your videos

  • KStala:

    common people he don´t know anything.
    watch the channel of scooby1961

  • barrettski189:

    he should take of this shirt and show us his sixpack :)

  • jwalsh8:

    also just to explain what i mean:

    if ur calorie controled diet ( for weight loss) consisted of mainly fatty foods u will still loose weight but if ur diet had an abundance of fat and a limited supply of protine and carbs then ur body will loose weight in the form of muscle.

    So, in order to maintain muscle and focus our weight loss of fat burning we have to reduce the level of fat intake. Thats how u burn more FAT and less muscle.

  • jwalsh8:

    LOL how much of a childish asshole do u have to be to start ur comment with WRONG! omg show some manners.

    I agree with the calorie deficit plan 100% but reducing the “bad” fats i.g. saturated fat will help u burn body fat faster.

  • DGWPictures:

    Wrong,you could have a diet of anything aslong as your under the number of calories your burning you will lose fat.

  • jwalsh8:

    not bullshit at all really if u listen to what he says he is listing foods that are low in fat. That means ur diet forces ur body to dip into ur fat stores. i think the title is misleading though.


    hmm intresting.i needed some guidlines.thanks

  • alex1209:

    Because americans dont eat these foods. Haha they eat fried, fast food.

    Look it up, how are you going to tell an Expert that hes not right hahaha.

  • zeth756:

    Anorexic : /

  • DGWPictures:

    This is bullshit,if food burn’t fat the how come America is so fat ?.

    You lose fat for what you don’t eat.

  • HackAnyThing:

    usefull to fat kids lol

  • liter87:

    i wan to ask u some thing…. raw honey is the best supplement in the world??? because in the honey got the right amount for the body?

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