Abs, Core, and More Abs…Don’t Try This at Home!

www.totalwellnessconsulting.ca Kids…don’t try this at home. Unless of course you think you’re fit. Here are 3 moves on the stability that will challenge in the strongest, most fit people around! Enjoy. For more go to… http … core workout stability ball exercise swiss advanced training gym fitness at home abs abdominals yuri elkaim

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16 Responses to “Abs, Core, and More Abs…Don’t Try This at Home!”

  • GringoESantoDomingo:

    yeah lol , IM aboot to show you a workoat

  • Soccerblaster12:

    he says in the bigining
    when u sit on it ur legs must be peralel

  • billhave:

    How big must be the ball?

  • walteradamson:

    Challenging – good stuff I’ll try. I do the last pike one with a pushup then pike sequence 2 x 15 I find that hard.

  • erinpickering:

    ha, I knew he was Canadian. The way he pronounces the “ou” in “out” is a dead give away. I used to date a Canadian and that’s exactly how he talked.

  • HokageLeafVillage:

    lol man i live around Vancouver. i think the whole “awesome” thing already passed.

  • staminarush:

    You must be in a part that this saying has not reached yet, i’m in calgary, you must be deep in redkneck country, even more redkneck than calgary, it will get there in a few years, bye that time the novelty may have worn off in calgary and got to your area, your years behind the UK.

  • HokageLeafVillage:

    lol wtf are u talkin about im canadian and noone says awesome.

  • staminarush:

    You know that he his canadian cos he says AWSOME all the time, thats all they ever say, its old news and boring, but the drills are good.!

  • Swimminginyourpool:

    Didn’t make it to 12 and 6. More around 10 and 4., or 2 and 7

  • Jakub0107:

    I like to feel sexy….knowing someone is watching me ..wanting me…turns me on!BADLY! I like to flirt and pose..and sometimes i like to get WILD! how? ..he he..come in video and youll see:-)) maybe u can teach me something..or maybe i will ! come visit me at … MeetYourFling (.COM) … my user-id there is candace-yxfg chat soon on cam :-) hhkpcmk

  • yelkaim1:

    Canandian I am!

  • HinduHeratic:

    might you be canadian?
    These sound great btw.

  • binslick:

    I have incorporated this exercises in my stability ball routine and they are both challenging and fun.My entire core is work to the max on just three exercises!!

  • piecemaker3180:

    are these good to get a six pack?

  • heatherleejones:

    andre agassi anybody?

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