How to get great toned six pack abs/stomach Easy 8 minute workout!

‘Hey gang!’ Funny old workout, showing you how to get ‘great abs’! It’s a pretty fun workout and it gets the job done! You could of course alter it slightly with any other stomach exercises you like to do and you should see results very quickly! … Great abs athletics health physical science work out workout gym keep fit keeping fitness

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25 Responses to “How to get great toned six pack abs/stomach Easy 8 minute workout!”

  • lucystanislauswest:

    “oooo right there, nice and slowly”
    i love this :L

  • daveo1801:

    ’10 more seconds gang!’ lmao

  • aceistheman99:

    no cush somkes up to much by the sound of it this is a ngreat workout and has nothign to do with ur dick he is a retard that or perma baked

  • IFuREADthisURgay1:

    haha u look funny

  • Jmklig:

    what you mean? does this exercise shrink your dick?

  • Jmklig:

    well what you need to do is relax your neck and use your abs to pull yourself up. try it by focusing on your abs. once you do it you’ll be like OHH!

  • F0uLy:

    well i had nothing going on with me i swear and i did this work out for a week and i started to see some stuff going on in my abs lol

    but for the people that tried this work out don’t u think it’s more like a neck work out rather than abs ?? lol .. i think u’ll know what i mean when u try this work out

  • honkifurh0rny:

    im tired just watching this :D

  • runnergirlca0013:

    i actually really like this video

  • jomster56:

    this vid is great! easy and i can feel the burn in my abs. I already have a six pack, i jus wanna keep it toned and lookin sexy for the ladies!! haha yeah sirrr, i’m do this everyday, everyweek, till it becomes nothing.

  • omegared339:

    come on gang ha ha

  • SkyLovesRealHipHop:

    Wow normally i dont really exercise im not fat or anything i just want a more toned stomach and this tires me out but im not sure if im doing it right :S LOL

  • cushe83:

    I’d rather keep my adult size penis, but thanks anyway.


    thares a easy way steroids

  • VivienistheName:

    gooddamam. i’m 13.. want a toned stomach and i’m like so tirreeddd from this…

  • tommiewink1989:

    there you go, thats it … hang in with me gang!

  • thedoctoriscool:

    no just stay with it im 10 and i have a sick six pack do this 1nce a day for atleast a week and youl be fine but if you feel aching do it for 5 mins

  • DXTHimuraKenshin:

    pace yourself until you are able to do with eas :) after a few weeks this is nothing :)

  • DXTHimuraKenshin:

    this is a great work out i use my own methods tho. It takes time wont see it right away couple of weeks normally. Also “gang” as in referring to the group and you for motivation.

  • phileepphilop:

    i get tired by looking at it xD

  • rkalsi11:

    yes i am about to be 16 i can do it but idk if shd do it everday

  • rkalsi11:

    keep working try a couple more weeks

  • VampolkaXL:


    how long before doing these exercises b4 you see any improvement?

  • Igydtiger:

    Exuse me but its to hard for me to all this i mean i can do but not as much as you like i can’t do the last 15 sec from each exercies…i am 16 years old…what should i do ? do this in smaller “amount” ?

  • curiousaboutthispuma:

    lol they act oblivious to how sexual some of the moves are, especially with the hot guy and girl at the back
    I had been sitting up fully, and pulling at my head at the last few ones cause it was becoming a struggle! This helped a lot – Thanks gang!

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