Contour Abs

First I prefered the contour abs belt, but after reading I changed my mind! … “contour abs” “contour ab belt” slendertone “flex belt”

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14 Responses to “Contour Abs”

  • chrisdotwynn:

    If you buy this, you’re an idiot, plain and simple. It shoots electricity into your gut, causing it to spasm. Also, it won’t burn fat!If you are overweight, you will NEVER see abs, no matter how many ab excercises you do! Only Calorie reduction, combined with cardio will burn the necessary fat to reveal your abs. We all already have abs, they are just under a layer of fat for many. Save money, quit being lazy, and do some crunches, reverse crunches, cardio, and diet!

  • carameloxx:

    at first i dint really feel no burn but after i went up to 30 i felt something but i cant tell for sure what i will get after a few weeks

  • TheRubyFactory:

    it doesnt work

  • PLISKEN12:

    THIS IS PURE SNAKE OIL ! believe me it wont work ! they keep coming up w/ diferent versions because it sells. its attractive cause u dont have to do a thing. this wont work beleve me. the industrial version, much more expensive i dont know but this. please !

  • tuttle112:

    well im now a lil skeptical because when i use it i feel like a stinging sensation, i dnt know if that meant its working or not

  • tuttle112:

    yes it works right away. i used it once and felt the push against my ab area and toned it.

  • ss4vegeta92:

    Does this work???

  • glossygirl3000:

    are they going to ship it to you in three weeks?

  • dietzchris:

    i dont have one yet. really want to. it costs so much man. 300 bucks

  • johnsawyer10:

    hey i’m guessing you have one now. does it work?

  • NighttimeMusicMei:

    They have a contour and now this, I wonder which one is better?

  • dietzchris:

    i cant wait to get one

  • griffithafrank:





  • BBluvsTS:

    can i try it for free

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