RawMatt Get a Flat Stomach & Trim Waist

www.RawMatt.com || RawMatt shows you how to get a flat stomach, ab muscle definition, and a trim waist. Men and women will both benefit from watching this video and applying these exercises and techniques.

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25 Responses to “RawMatt Get a Flat Stomach & Trim Waist”

  • psychoticjailbait:

    how long should you wait to eat after working out? also, my problem area is my lower abs (below my belly button) its not big, but its just all my stomach fat gathered in one place, like a circle of flab so it looks gross what excerise helps that
    and, i feel like my abs look pushed out. my upper abs are flat but they stick out of my stomach making it look big. is that weird? what excerises help put them back in? sorta picture a flat stomach with a cake mix box over it

  • labamba7:

    Is the side one good if you’ve got a back problem?-mid back pain- Please let me know. Thanks! ; )

  • RealRawMatt:

    Yes, I made a stretch video – check on my main channel page under uploads. It should be on the first or second page.

    Take care,

  • master11superior:

    this seem real good. is there a warm up stretch part of this?

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  • shimmipoo:

    hahaha. He’s adorable!

  • thatturtleoverthere:

    thank a lot, ill be asking more questions later.

    and you can call me TTOT.

  • RealRawMatt:

    Hey turtle,

    That exercise is also lower abs, and some middle as well. It depends on where you decide to really target and feel it.

    Take care,

  • thatturtleoverthere:

    Im NOT talking about bicycles, im talking about the exercise where you “sit staight with your hands behind you with your feet off the floor, keeping your toes curled in and you kick out your feet” what part of the abs is that one supossed to target?

  • RealRawMatt:

    Thanks, Matt. Glad you’re liking the info — and yes, your core is King.

  • RealRawMatt:

    Bicycles mainly target the lower abs.

  • thatturtleoverthere:

    the second exercize you mentioned after bicycles….what part of the abs is that one supossed to target?

  • MisterMattDavis:

    WoW MAN, I can’t believe I didn’t know this. I’m a really strong grappler. I didn’t realize how important abs where, I have the definition so I didn’t worry about it, after doing this I have a feeling I will be an even stronger fighter!
    Thanks man, continue spreading tha knowledge.

  • firetigerchic:

    Hey, Matt! I really like the excercises you used to help us get our abs in shape. I really need it. I’m going to start doing it and sprinting more often. I do jog, but I can never go more than a mile. >:-{ lol

  • RealRawMatt:

    Hey de4x,

    Check out my muscle gain video, that should help you out.


  • RealRawMatt:

    Running will help. Try sprinting — it’s more effective in that it burns more calories and helps to reshape your physique faster. My favorite is sprinting up a hill, walking back down, sprinting back up, and repeating several more times until I’m wiped out. Try starting with 5 repetitions and go up from there.


  • RealRawMatt:

    Thanks, man.


  • Suiton1:

    That lightning tattoo is badass.

  • MissPurfectAmy:

    are you single? xxxxxxxx

  • RealRawMatt:

    Same as the others – start at a number of reps you’re comfortable with, say 10 or 15, and work up to 25-35.

  • thegoogoodolls01:

    how long should you do the bicycles?

  • DolceVita:

    whoa …skinny! But very fit!

  • sathischekkan:


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