How to Get Perfect Abs Trying to lose that belly well get those perfect ABS with Breathing thats right Alycia will show you the right way to get those ABS tight!!

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  • Geimmes:

    she has a smokin body. Can I put my hands on your hips please?

  • hotbabe4boyz:

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  • boomegoo101:

    wow, actualy i did jsut a couple of these breaths…. then i coudl do crunches more easily and i could do a lot more than usual. so thats part of my workout about 5 breaths… then a bucnh of crunches. works wonderfuly!

  • ashubhalla:

    what do you do when you do cardio? BREATHE!!!!!!!!! duh! and in order for you to lose weight right! you have to breathe properly! so you can actually lose weight or get that flat stomach!

  • LittleEstefi:

    yes…what’s the website!

  • omgCelebrity:

    Please tell me the website! Please?

  • omgCelebrity:

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  • Angel86huang:

    love you love you, this is gona work great.

  • chertovsky:

    im on my bros account, but i found a website where there is something similar like this and i lost 7cm round my waist, i did it for 9 mins each day and it worked :P

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  • Nicoliam1972:

    That sounds like a tall story to me. You definitely can’t rid of the fat rolls just with a silly breathing exercise. The only way to do so is by increasing your cardios to the max and cutting down on calories.

  • randomNco:

    i’m a slow learner…thts confuses me

  • teach4truth:

    is izlam terrorist?

  • RichyKSC:

    i bet u suck it good

  • RIPCityBeav:

    As a word of warning, you can do these and crunches until you pass out and will not see any results unless you are lowering your body fat or already have a very small percentage. Best way to get rid of a pooch is first by watching your diet and then getting some good cardio in.

  • japanoodlet:

    i tried 30 of these a day for 2 months straight and got NOTHING. what the heck.

  • DestineeTosensation:

    omg its so hard to breath god i give up

  • ncprincess2007:


  • z0ime:

    dude sit ups =)

  • leosgirrl:

    so how’s it working??

  • leosgirrl:

    it does seem to make sense

  • carebearfairies:

    how do you do this, lol

  • DestineeTosensation:

    Ok guys im gonna try this and gon come back her 1 month later i will tell if it works or not 25times in H

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