How to Attain Flatter Abs That Give You a Sexier, Ripped Body

If there is one part in a man’s body that is prone to getting bigger, it is the tummy. In fact, many men have accepted the fact that at a certain age, potbelly is something that is natural and there is nothing that can be done to eliminate the fatty deposits in the abdomen.

Although it gets more difficult for people to lose weight as they age, a big tummy is really not a natural result of the aging process. In fact, men who have big girth should start trimming down the fat on their waist because abdominal fat is can be dangerous. According to several studies, individuals with large bellies are more prone to heart ailments than others who have flatter tummies.

If you are already getting tired of the big lump on your belly and would like to start having a flatter abdomen, then read on and follow these pointers below:

Guzzle Up More Water

A lot of people are not really getting enough water or fluids needed for the performance of bodily functions. As a result, your body tries to hold on to water inside and so you may feel bloated and swollen, especially in your extremities and abdomen. Thus, you need to drink at least eight glasses of water everyday. Besides, drinking a glass of water when you feel hungry or before you eat will surely prevent you from eating a lot, helping you lose weight all over the body, including your tummy.

Reduce Alcohol Consumption

If you badly need a drink, it would be better to reach for a glass of wine. Research shows that a glass or two of red wine are rich in antioxidants responsible for taking care of your heart. However, it would be wiser to skip the beer. Most probably, the buckets of beer that you consume whenever you are watching football, basketball or baseball game on the television are responsible for your potbelly in the first place. Again, if you want to have flatter abs, better skip the cocktail or the beer.

Quit Smoking

Majority of smokers believe that smoking helps maintain their weight. Although you might feel less hungry when you smoke, statistics show that smokers are more likely to have big bellies than people who do not smoke. Some experts believe that the reason behind the bump on the belly is cortisol, a stress hormone that is produced every time you puff. Try to quit smoking and you will see that your abdominal fat will significantly decrease.

Gorge On Raspberries

Constipation can also cause tummy bloating. If you want to flatten your tummy, you need to address all of the reasons behind your swelling belly. Eating raspberries will help you move your bowel regularly because it is high in fiber. You may also want to eat leafy greens and other fruits to help increase your intake of fiber. Besides, fiber is also good for lowering the levels of bad cholesterol in your body.


You can lose weight by adjusting your caloric intake. However, if you want a more toned and muscular abdomen, you need to exercise and do some strength training. Furthermore, exercise can also boost your metabolism, which slows down as people age. Lastly, exercise is important in improving cardiovascular health and helping lower the risk of arthritis and other similar conditions.

If you are impatient and would want to see improvement in your belly immediately, you can also use body-toning creams, such as Dermacut. Such products are helpful in banishing fatty deposits not only on your belly, but in other parts of your body as well. For more details about how Dermacut can help you flatten your belly, simply visit

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