Benefits of Belly Dance by New York Belly Dancer TAIS

Belly dancing originated in ancient Egypt. When archaeologists started to unearth the ancient Egyptian tombs, they found buried containers with scenes of belly dancers painted onto them. Belly dancing is known as “Rags Sharqi” in Arabic
and “Orayantal dansi” in Turkish. Westerners sometimes called it “the dance of the east.”

Belly-dancing was brought to the United States in the 1980′s when a belly dancer was brought to the Chicago World’s Fair. To appeal to the fair audience, the dance was embellished with elements of sex appeal, so the belly dance has certain unsavory reputation in the United States.

Shakira turned this perception and has brought this type of dance into popular attention in the past 7 or 8 years. Her artistic mixing of belly dance, vocals, and songwriting have made her, one of the most successful artists of this new century.

Belly dancing is one of the great ways to strengthen your body while you learn an amazing dance form that has been around for hundreds of years. Many people are apprehensive to take up belly dance for various reasons. Some people assume that they are bad dancers, other people believe that they don’t have the right body to perform belly dancing, and still more people are afraid of the negative associations attached to belly dancers.

Belly Dance is also an effective aerobic exercise. Practicing belly dancing regularly burns calories, helping dancers regulate body weight, and improves cardiovascular fitness, which in turn prevents respiratory complications, as well as heart disease. It works as a strength-and-conditioning exercise for many muscles, such as the quadriceps and hamstrings, and all the muscles of the shoulder, arm and wrist involved in arm movements. Belly Dance also strengthens the muscles of the torso: the abdominal, pelvic, lumbar and gluteus muscles, which in turn improve the dancer’s posture. It is well known that good posture is the first step for a chain of many physiological benefits for the human body. Belly dancing also improves both cardiovascular fitness and posture. Another benefit of belly dancing is related to digestion. The swaying, circling, and rolling movements of the abdomen and torso could actually help in digesting foods. Therefore belly dancing can aid digestive illness, including indigestion.

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