For Teens Teased About Weight

My advice for teens who are teased about being overweight and a lesson in self esteem … weight teens self esteem overweight

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18 Responses to “For Teens Teased About Weight”

  • cassidy1412:

    Wow this video has totally changed my perspective about myself. Im going to start with that journal idea tonight:D

    Thank you so much.

  • JenniferCuppett:

    i dont wanna lose weight for guys cause they need to accept me how i am i just wanna lose it so i think i look better plus im tryin to get into martial arts and bein thin would help

  • syderena:

    OMG!!! I like this women, she just made me realize that I don’t have to loose weight to look beautiful, my personality is more important. Because guys call me names all the time in school and sometimes I don’t care, but sometimes it really hurts me, they now don’t mean ANYTHING to me…I LOVE MYSELF!!! =D

  • marinennovi:

    I LOVE UR ADVICE! i think u will be a great mom! :)

  • ziKaMina72:

    How does one know if they have baby fat? And also, you mentioned something in your site about how a friend of yours thought she was overweight in Junior High but instead she only still had baby fat then and when she went to High School she lost all her baby fat. Did that happen over a period of time or did she just lose it instantly?? Please reply to my comment I’d really like to know! Thanks!

  • MrMing0102:

    Cool Lisa, great video as always!

  • thedafe:

    I would also like to say that since I started to like myself more I’ve made more friends and boys have started to notice me ;)

  • thedafe:

    This is so true: everyone can be attractive, it’s just like Lisa says, it’s all about your self esteem. If you stop criticizing yourself and start loving you for who you are and look like, you will definitely “glow” and be much more attractive :)

    In my school we did this thing in our class where the girls asked the boys what a girl should be to attract them. Of course they said a bunch of things like boobs and stuff, but in the end they said that it’s all about their self esteem and personality

  • JinxyLenux:

    I’m 15 turning 16 in 2 weeks, and at this moment i am feeling down, i have been on tones of weight loss programs and i can’t keep on them. This video made me cry, and it was exactly what i needed to hear. I came across this video by accident and i don’t know how to thankyou because you have made my day.

  • iibryant2:

    thanks for the advice it made me see thing in a whole new way.

  • Gorillazfreak18:

    Yeah, they do.

    For example, I know a dude who is a BIG GUY, fat, and he has a LOT of friends ang he has dated girls before. People at school think he’s THE COOL GUY.

    I also know a FAT girl who GUYS make fun o every day and nobody dates her or goes out with her. Everyone thinks she is DISGUSTING.

    Guys are assholes.

  • flatstomachexercises:

    Sad but very true. Girls definitely have more of the pressure.

  • Gorillazfreak18:

    I think the girls have it worse. Most guys won’t date a fat girl and they make fun of fat girls.

    Most girls WILL date an overweight guy and people get along with them just fine.

  • CuriousSmiles:

    Thank you so much for this video. Im a 15 year old teen from England, and am actaully very overweight. My weight is 76 Kg. I have tried to lose weight healthily by exercising and eating right, but I tend to give up alot. I keep telling myself oh I’ll start again but I can never stick to what I say. I also get teased at school but I tend to ignore them. Can you please tell me what I can do to not give up, and to actaully lose weight. Thanks

  • tinkerbellluvr34:

    When i watched this I listened to you very well. Because I am a 13 year old thats over weight….Im really trying to build my confidence And i do love my self I just am very insecure I do love my body and you told me that and i beleived it! Thank you so very much you helped so much!

  • flatstomachexercises:

    Exactly! And people also need to realize not everyone is genetically able to be a size 2. A size 10 may be a perfectly normal, healthy size for someone based on their natural frame/shape

  • negativethreeRandR:

    and people should aim to healthy and strong, not skinny.

  • negativethreeRandR:

    thank you for this video! I know a lot of people including me compare themselves to super models, and that’s not how it should be.

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