Spot Reduction And Effective Abdominal Exercises!

If spot reduction worked, then fat people would have skinny faces! Fitness expert, John Paul Catanzaro, of explains the myths and fallacies concerning weight loss and spot reduction, as well as the most effective way to train the abdominals.

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7 Responses to “Spot Reduction And Effective Abdominal Exercises!”

  • jayjaygeebee:

    They stop your ribcage from being ripped off

  • hemmage:

    How in the hell are abdominals stabilizers during chin-ups? Military Presses… definitely. But chin-ups???

    For an ‘expert’ this is a pretty weak statement.

  • Cubu47:


  • BodyEssence:

    Robert Colling’s excellent review of human muscle fibre type distribution in Exercise Physiology (1997) reveals that the Rectus Abdominus is a phasic muscle with only 46.1% Type I fibres. This is the so-called “six-pack” muscle group that everyone is concerned about. However, it is true that the underlying Transversus Abdominus displays tonic characteristics due to its postural role.

  • Londres2410:

    i think he is talking bullshit,
    abs are mainly slow twitch, yes they do have fast twitch muscle fibres too, but rather few compared to other muscles such as the triceps

  • Ronsauce1:

    Are the abs really fast twitch? I would’ve thought that since they are stabilizers, that they would be slow twitch (like the spinal erectors). Or is it maybe one of the underlying muscles that are slow twitch? Heh, I liked the skinny faces comment.

  • LeezaMaria:

    This is a great site, to watch about abs.

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