Model Fitness: David’s abs routine

David is Ford Model and is here to show you his abs routine. … ford models exercise abs abdominal muscles workout fitness health gym body

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  • Duracell2:

    WHO CARES what RACE David Is? Hoestly? Is that ALL You People think about-constantly day and night? Will this affect the results you get from his routine?

  • pittsens:

    but you don’t mention anything about how many reps and sets for each exercice..

  • mizellecherry:

    latina maybe

  • mizellecherry:

    well all u do is strength , where’s the cardio? u should be doing 5-6 cardio and 2 strength training each week… just go to exercise tv and look up exercise that combines both cardio, that speed up metabolism

  • OhSoJay:

    @ 0:45, thats what she said

  • manfestsoccer:

    is there sets or is this one after the other all in one day?

  • FireFreak117:

    u dnt need anything just do pushups situp crunches superman and legups thats all u need to do. 4 the pushups i wood do 200 a day but break it up if u need like do 50 in the mornin 50 in the after noon (12 pm) 50 in late after noon(2-4) and 50 at nite (6-10)

  • TemprancePL:

    I recommend you try one body a day work one part out rigorously and give them time to heal. Remember to eat alot of protein diets to repair your muscles.

  • blacklight125:

    wat do u mean wen u say in the end “over view” ? like do it all again but only 10-15 reps now?

  • sebastian30000:

    only you know what the best routine is. What I do, is everyday, a different muscle e.g. monday: abs, tuesday tricept etc. This way, you muscles have a whole weak to recuperate and grow hard instead of soft, but if you do this, you must make sure that you really destroy that muscle, or it will not work.

  • pronation1:

    Help Please

    I have been doing 14 workouts about 3 for each body part, tricept, back, legs, shoulders bicept chest but someone told me thats too much and i can do 4 or 5 workouts with 4 sets each with 8-10 reps which is better help pleasee the workouts the 5 i would do are

    Bicept Curl
    Tricept Press Back
    Dumbbells chest press
    Standing side lateral raises
    Squat & Arnold Press

    if you have other tips please feel free to teach me
    i only have dumbbells though

    Thank you for any help

  • pronation1:

    Help please…

    I have question if your wrist starts hurting should I stop?, if it feels like at my elbows that its stretching should i stop and or start hurting, what about my shoulders if it starts feeling like its stretching should i stop, when i hear popping is something wrong?, i have like 14 workout about 3 for each muscle group and i do 3 sets is that bad or too much?, should i not be working out pass a certain time, if you know anything else that i forgot please help me with answers

  • budfr:

    Unless you are an athlete that uses alot of cardiovascular resistance, e.g. a soccer player, marathoner, you need plenty of carbs.

  • budfr:

    Is he considered black?

  • Reignunlimited:


  • greenleaf81:

    Very well said my friend. I see all kinds of people in the gym trying to do ab exercises which I am sorry to say will not produce any abs or remove the fat on top of the abs.
    Cardio – removes the fat (run, jog, lift heavy weights) and once we are close getting rid of the fat one can concentrate on ab excercises.
    That said doing ab exercises (for six pack or not) does build up lot of core strength which is really good!

  • StolenEyelids:

    LOVE IT!

  • Reignunlimited:

    No I don’t..but I should make one…

  • pronation1:

    do you have a workout video for abs?

  • ItzGizmo:

    yo thanks

  • Reignunlimited:

    1. sprinting on track
    2. sprinting on tredmill @ 25+ incline
    3. jumprope
    4. elipticle
    5. stationary bike

    All should be done all out for 20 sec. stop 10 sec. all out for another 20 sec. for a minimum of 4 min. (beginner) up to 10-15 minutes (advanced)

  • BlackPoisonxX:

    what are the best high intensity cardio exercises?

  • Reignunlimited:

    newbie mistake #1 you don’t develop ripped abs from doing ab excercises.. A low carb diet and high intensity training cardio removes excess fat to show developed abs.. EVERYONE HAS A SIX PACK, you just cant see them…after that you do core excercises to strengthen and develop muscularity.. not just your abs or the front of your core..includes the lower back, obliques and intercoastals.. that’s how you do it..

  • PrisonBreakFilms:

    before I start doing this I need to know if it really and I mean REALLY works,I’ve tried several routines for some time now and I still havent got my six pack

  • BlackPoisonxX:

    does your workout produce better looking abs then his?

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