6 pack Ab Diet!

what I buy, and eat to get my nutrition and have my abs show! *note–all of that food isnt just for me, I also live w/ my sister ^_^)

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  • macgirl01:

    I really like your advice…seems like you know a lot. I read endless fitness magazines,work out at the gym at least five days a week and eat 80% clean. Still it’s inspiring to actually see in “virtual” real time what we should be eating and how to take care of our bodies healthfully.

  • glueissticky00:

    damn girl!!! its going to go bad

  • outandaboutandout:

    good for you, you look great and you eat great – abs look good

  • james080822:

    OH TO MUCH SPINASH is bad for your health soooooo

  • james080822:

    i love the look of ure wonkey abs they look so ripped and straight


  • TheChe2012:

    5:46 lol

  • glamorouslovez:

    lmfao you like hit yourself in the head with the pam im still laughing about that….But good advice i’ll take it and run with it.

  • thejesus1g:

    dont pay attention to the haters…..you are awesome, your abs are awesome and i think you are gorgeous = D

  • WhatevaULike:

    You have a killer set of abs lady! Whole grains are a better choice, but make sure when you read the lables that there are no refined grains/flour.(sometimes they do hide in there) All in all you do eat extremely clean, but like others have said, too many “fat-free” foods can result in having more sugars, and unhealthy sweeteners that can cause the body to hold more abdominal fat(not a problem in your case tho lol)

  • lebronjames2323:

    actually almost anybody will tell you that abs are made in the kitchen..she has abs primarily because she keeps her body fat % down..you really should only work your abs 3-4 days a week and for only 20-30 minutes..overworking your abs and not enough rest wont do you any good..

    “just sayin…”

  • Emily91203:

    workin out is apparently more important to her than cookin…thats why she has abs…im just sayin

  • disgustika:

    I guess some people think exercise is more important, unlike your fat ass

  • lebronjames2323:

    haha a college kid that doesnt have time to cook for 4 hours a day..but workout for 3

  • UrbanCrunkMovement:

    100g of tofu = estrogen of 1 birth control pill

  • lordxgdoyo:

    do alot of long distanc running and crunches

  • Shugyo2:

    you see sweetheart, usually the “fat free” have increased amounts of simple sugars….so in the end, if you don’t watch out…it will have the same effect on your body as in, the storage and maintenance of adipose tissue ^_^

  • bev1reed:

    fat free stuff is not always the best for you.. js

  • Chaaarge:

    I have a six pack, but does anyone have any tips on getting an 8 pack. i wanna shed those last fat %.

  • fcukme88:

    take Spirulina capsules, natures richest source of nutrition n protein. i take 6 daily, google it

    eat more wholegrains & fibre, fresh fruits, green veg. make sure ur gettin enough iron. try soy milk, make sure it has vitamin b12, if ur like me n hate soy milk have it ina shake. i usually blend banana + flaxseed, sunflower

    seed(essential fatty acids)…drink heaps of water! stay away from processed high salt foods. cardiom ab exercises. make sure u eat protein n carbs after .good luck!

  • gavernj2:

    Just wanted to put my two cents in..for guys at least..Soy products can be really bad they cause thyroid issues

  • pdragonproductions:

    Hey, you look fantastic, but I’m watching your diet video and you are cutting out way too much fat from your diet. Eating fat doesn’t get stored by your body immediately, you have to dose up with sugar to trigger that response. You should eat the yolks in your eggs, it’s probably one of the best sources of fat. Drizzle some olive oil on your salad and add FISH to your diet. It’s an even more efficient source of protien.

  • Ratedzt13fyi:

    When I saw ure abs I got so hard the veins were bout to literly “POP” OUT MY BALLS.

  • jsly6:

    you’re hot

  • integrajoey:

    nice.. i need to get my fridge stocked up like urs

  • redevil858:

    i really appreciate the tips but for the abs diet it should help me but for the workout wut do u recommend like should i run more or abs workout or like anything else??

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