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CLICK HERE for a FREE WORKOUT!! www.turbulencetraining.com Here are my 3 favorite abdominal exercises in which none involve lying on your back and curling your shoulder blades off the ground, or any type of movement that requires you to perform hundreds of situps while lying on the ground. These 3 ab exercises can be performed in circuit fashion for an excellent abdominal workout that will work your abs really well and help burn belly fat without placing stress on your lower back. The first …

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  • sannyskate:

    rather jsut do sit ups

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  • leetshoot:

    Haha good advice. Im trying to work on abs. I have a weekly Bench Max workout on my channel starting :)

  • Murcielago247:


  • wmolina9157:

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  • yousef4817:

    nice but so painfull

  • dvssk8r117:

    fuck you

  • survivorboi:

    The ab wheel is HARD! Especially when you try to do it in push-up position. It’s a real work out for your abs if you can do 10 of that, in push up position then you’re STRONG!

  • hawkin51:


  • pandycane1:

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  • parkourlegendz:

    the reason your back is hurting is : you do your exercises on solid ground, try to punt something soft onder your back when you exercise.
    the other reason can be that your abs are getting to strong compared with your back. but to make a long story short. just do push ups and go jog outside, or in the gym, those exercises are great for your back. and especially push ups with your arms as far as u can in front of you.
    - good luck

  • tavarezny:

    make sure you are doing the exercise the right way, if it does not work you need physical therapy to strengthen you core muscles.

  • Chris102988:

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  • ericyjpark:

    could simply mean your back is injured
    I never knew it and I went and saw a physiotherapist
    Turns out I slipped a disc in the past, so it’s best to have it checked out.

  • spiltbeerbottles:


  • tyra696:

    Yea, but some people dont like crunches, or for other reasons, cant get on the floor to do them. (Im an aerobics instructor) So, I agree with you, but peole want newer, excercises. Bicycling is actually the best ab exercise, yet people rarely do them…weird.

  • tyra696:

    If your lower back starts to hurt, it usually means you have weak abdominals…sorry. But what you can do is: when you feel your back start to hurt, tighten up your abdominals- they should be feeling the exercise. Don’t transfer it to the lower back. We do that subconciously sometimes and end up hurting our backs. REMEMBER: Tighten (not just suck em in) your abs to keep that pressure off your lower back! Good Luck!

  • sooistheshiet:

    back exercises

  • SunnyDlght07:

    great ideas thank you!

  • flargot:

    whenever i do any ab excersise my lower back starts to hurt.

    advice anyone? please…

  • TiptheJester:

    Some people have lumbar or spine problems, and these ab exercise alternatives give them other options for working their ab muscles.

  • Workhard1994:

    every guru always say in there video: this does not require chrunches, push-ups or anything… why the hell they say that… crunches is the BEST, and i do means BEST way to get your stomach ripped… u want abs, do crunches ! and i talk from experience

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