The Best Abdominal Exercises (1 of 4)

Effective abdominal exercises that cut to the core: The Criss-Cross Crunch. … effective abdominal exercises that work good six pack abs the best for muscles

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  • zac1790:

    Muscle building workouts do not necessarily burn fat. According to my anatomy book I think the main relationship between losing fat/adipose and working out is burning calories at a rate of about 3500 calories to 1 pound (not including water weight).

  • TomboyCactus101:

    for the different crunches, how long do you do it if you wanna burn belly flat?

  • Stavvers100:


  • KrnBlackWannabe:

    Another name for this exercise would be the bicycle crunch. This method is known as the very best type of abdominal exercise.

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