Treadmill Workouts : How to Lose Weight Fast

Interval training is the best way to lose weight fast. Find out how to lose weight fast withexpert tips from a fitness instructor in this free video about easy cardiovascular workouts. Expert: Aaron Hale Bio: Aaron Hale has been a American Fitness Professional and Associates Cardio & Strength and Conditioning Specialist since 2002. Filmmaker: Reel Media LLC

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25 Responses to “Treadmill Workouts : How to Lose Weight Fast”

  • jattpunjabiRSK:

    i use em. they are good. i just bought my treadmill yesterday and i will recieve it in next 2 days. can’t wait till i get it. i am 17 and wish gain stamina and speed by running on treadmill. i also do gym in school and i personally prefer to run on treadmill every single day to keep the body healthy.

  • blurjose:

    Whey protein is good. You can also mix some glutamine with it in order to help with recovery.

  • fAmEentLT101:

    in my opnion u should jusz doo weightsz for ur legsz like at the gym there machinessz u can doo for ur legsz up too like 400+ u get stranght on ur legsz keep the cardio runnin and u should be good u know

  • JesterEdits:

    whats SHOULD you eat after running on a treadmill or lifeting weights?

  • Fjerid:

    68′s kilos and lose weight? I recommand you start training your brains cuz you aint using em, simply cuz you dont know how.
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  • nick3425:

    mom jokes..very mature, you need to grow up and lose weight you fat nig

  • Fjerid:

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  • nick3425:

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  • Fjerid:

    Hey all,

    I’m 17, 5.7 Foot(1,72CM) and weights 68 kilo’s. Im planning to get some serious muscle gain starting this week.
    but there is 1 thing that annoys me… as my muscles grow, they get heavier. and at a weight of 80Kilo+- will I be able to run as fast as I am now? (Pretty fast :P)
    so my points is, How can I get bigger and stronger, without losing any speed. (or less)

  • madashelldude:

    I agree with you on nutrition. You need your proteins and fiber to be able to recover between workouts. I don’t even consider eating foods that have more than 10% calories from fat and don’t add up to a daily min of 65 g or protein and 36g of fiber. That’s the baseline. On top of that come other nutrition needs like minerals, phytochemicals vitamins etc. My favorite foods include tuna, lentil soup as well as fruit smoothies, seeds and nuts. By far the best foods to recover muscle tissue.

  • skattlady:

    also, the nice thing about interval training is it almost sets itself up for a “steady buildup” of running/training/etc. And of course moto815–talk to anyone who is fit and they’ll say nutrition is 80% of the fight. GOOD LUCK TO YOU!

    “Progress, not Perfection”

  • skattlady:

    moto815 – I also agree with Rob165 regarding ‘to eat or not to eat’ before exercise.
    One other note I wanted to add: if your goal is to lose weight (aka: fat), perform your interval workouts in the morning before. One suggested routine: wake, interval train on treadmill for 20-30 minutes, shower, then eat (roughly 30-60 minutes after the workout). This is what Chewzluvsbooze commented to. If you’ve given the body fuel (aka: eating before workout), the body will use that instead.

  • Rob165:

    Awesome that sounds great. If you haven’t kept a constant exercise routine, what this video suggests may take a lot out of you at once. If you don’t have access to a gym then my advice is to steadily build up your endurance of running/walking/jogging on the treadmill, instead of going full force into this exercise. You will feel comfortable and feel the desire to keep moving because of the endurance you have built up. Also harness that desire to be in shape again in your exercises.

  • moto815:

    well i’m trying to lose some weight 15-20lbs.i’m 175lb right now.when i was in my earily 20′s i used dto be around 155lb?
    when i geting older i had lack of excerise.but when i in my late 20′s i want to get back in shape.have bisceps flat stomach or 6 pack?

  • Rob165:

    Its said that ever 3500 cal you lose 1 pound. Depends on your workout also moto815. Are you building muscle? Then sorry I disagree with Chewzluvsbooze. If you exercise to build muscle and do not consume the proper nutrients you will have a slower response of muscle building.
    If you are looking to just stay in shape without adding muscle then I agree with Chewzluvbooze…omg absolutely do not drink and exercise. Ask others of their opinion, its how you strengthen your mind in the fitness aspect.

  • Chewzluvsbooze:

    Work out then eat. The body needs to use stored energy to burn the fat.

  • moto815:

    do people eat 1st than working out?
    or work out than eat?


    well i go on my bremshey treadmill for a 15 minute walk at about faster than normal walking pace and i lose about 230 cal every session. then i relax with a large doner kebab as my reward

  • AmmoSturdy:

    2 or 3 times a day? wow… thats a lot of exercise hmmmm

  • osvaldo2k5:

    when i didint have a car i would walk to work for 40-50 minuets and the rest on the metro, i would watch my calories and slowly but surely I started to lose a pound a week. that come to a total of 40 pounds.

  • wafflecushioned:

    yeah I walked about 3 1/2 miles today and burned 300 calories. I think it is easier that way because when I run, I tend to stop exercising after I have run as far as I can which is embarrisingly only about a mile.

  • madashelldude:

    500 worked for me for a fast & short weight loss program: 20 lb in 2 weeks but 300 can be even better for you. It’s probably healthier to lose the weight at a slower pace anyway. Most of that can be walking. The only difference: walking is time consuming. most people make the mistake of exhausting themselves with running. It’s more important that you exercise multiple times a day every day than to do it just every other day or twice a week. Buy a pedometer if u don’t have one.

  • wafflecushioned:

    what about 300 calories a day?

  • madashelldude:

    all that matters is calories IN and calories OUT. I don’t give a hoot about “intervals”, “heartrate” etc. or whatever. u can crawl on the treadmill as far as I’m concerned, it makes no difference. Your treadmill shows how much you lost in terms of calories and your food label should show you how much you gained that day in calories. It’s just a simple matter of subtracting the 2. Your result should always be a min 500 cal loss/day for fast weight loss.

  • kawaiicutie22:

    this video is true, a very famous fitness trainer uses this method to get a bunch of celebs in shape

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