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Abdominal Exercises : How to Get Perfect Abs

Getting perfect abs requires having a low overall body-fat percentage and doing resistance exercises focusing on the abdominals. Get the perfect abdominals withtips from a fitness trainer in this free video on ab exercises. Expert: Les Whitley Contact: Bio: Les Whitley is director of Velocity Sports Performance in Franklin, Tennessee. He has a degree in exercise science. Filmmaker: Tim Brown

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Perfect Abs Definition – The One Thing That You Must Get Right For Success

Perfect abs definition top tip: clean up your diet!

Imagine two sorts of landscape. One of them is rolling grass fields, maybe a few trees. The other is a desert. Now the one thing that you can be sure of in the first one is that it is hard to spot the edges of the hills – you see it’s all that grass. Not that there is anything wrong with grass, personally I love the green stuff. But it can hide the definition of the hill. It’s also great for all those small fluffy bunnies to hide in.

Then there is the desert. Nowhere to hide. It’s been stripped bare of all the vegetation. One small rock sticks out a mile.

You can probably see where I am going with this.

You want your perfect abs to be the desert, not the green rolling hills. You want to make the best of what you have already. And it’s there already, it’s just covered by the layer of fat that you really don’t want! What you want is that desert, so that the small muscle that you do have, a bit like the rocks, are revealed. That’s how you get perfect abs definition.

My two sons, one 7 the other 3 years old, have six packs. Seriously! And no, I don’t send them down the gym. My wife and I simply give them the kind of food that is good for them. And they enjoy it too, of course. They even get one or two sweets a day. The reason for their perfect abs is they are naturally active (I keep getting hit on the head with their toy light-sabres to prove the fact!). In fact their bodies are like mini deserts. They have a body fat percentage of less than 10% – and that’s just where you need to get to.


You heard me. Ok, let me explain. A desert is hot, right? That’s why there’s no grass. The water is burnt off and the vegetation, which otherwise would hide the natural features, is burnt off too. In terms of my two sons they burn off the fat. But how do they do it? How come the get abs definition when the rest of us ‘oldies’ struggle?

Well like I said, the first thing is they are so active. The second is their metabolic rate is through the roof!

Perfect abs definition relies on a high metabolic rate.

The only way to lose weight is to create a deficit in your calorific levels. Calories are simply units of energy, and you lose weight by putting in less calories than your body wants to consume. Your body consumes calories because it is active, but it also consumes them by simply being alive. But it needs to know what it should store and what it should not store. Carbohydrates are the one thing that the body loves to store and messes up any hope you could have of getting abs definition. It only uses them whilst you are really exercising, otherwise it holds onto them for a rainy day. Conversely proteins and good fats are what it likes to burn. Guess which one makes you look podgy? Yep, the carbs. But here’s the amazing thing. If you clean up your diet so that you get your hormones in check, and balance those proteins, fats and carbs right they you actually increase the temperature at which your metabolic rate burns and thus get abs definition.

And here’s the hottest tip I can give you to get perfect abs. To get it burning the fastest it can, you need to eat MORE and NOT LESS – get that right and your abs definition will be obvious. Yes, there is a limit, and eventually you can eat too much. But look at the flip side, eating a micro diet slows your metabolic rate down, which mean you burn less. You need to eat to lose weight!

A quick equation for you:

Eat the right diet+more active lifestyle = more energy to burn more fat

So eat right, burn the fat and get the abs definition you desire!

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How to Lose Fat Fast

People often think that, it is quite easy for them to lose fat fast. But, is it possible? Our body is a combination of different types of tissues, such as fats, bones and muscles. Due to consumption of excess oily food, the recommended total body fat percentage exceeds the essential fat percentage value.

The fat percentage in the body consists of essential fat and storage fat. Essential amount of fat is necessary for safeguarding of life. Excess amount of fat is hazardous. People often ask questions, do the fat percentage in men and women differ. Well, the answer to this is, body fat percentage in women is greater compared to men. Essential fat is 2-5% in men, and 10-13% in women.

Health Problems:

It is easy to gain fat fast rather than to lose fat fast. People tend to consume more amount of fatty food. Severe obesity is associated with significant medical, psychological and physical problems.

Individuals with extra amount of fat have increased risk of serious diseases like diabetes, blood pressure, cardiovascular disease, strokes, sleep apnea, orthopedic problems, and hormonal problems. Thus, patients with super-obesity have greater risk of serious illness.


We are aware that, excessive fat in our body, leads to several problems. People must create a slight calorie deficit in order to lose fat fast. The most effective way is the exercise. Every individual should take out some time for workouts. Workouts make a difference, both in weight and health.

Make proper food charts, so that it is easier for you look up for daily food program. Drink adequate amount of water daily to enable body to function properly. Water flushes harmful toxins and impurities present in the body. Never be selective about best program to lose fat fast, but a proper planning about what is best for health, is quite important.

A good resource where you can learn more on how to lose fat can be found at

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Six Pack Stomach – How to Really Get Those Six Pack Abs!

There are a lot of info commercials selling abdominal machines of all kinds claiming to be the best way to get a six pack stomach.

If it is that easy you would think that every one would have a six pack stomach.While many of these machines are great for developing your abs, to see your six pack stomach you need to get rid of your tummy fat.

In order to get a nice six-pack, you will need to lower your body fat percentage. This will remove the layer of fat that is preventing those beautiful abs from being seen.

When you go to the beach you will notice that most skinny people already have good abdominal muscles even if the don’t work out. The reason for this is because they have a low body fat content.

You will need to do more than abdominal exercises to reduce the percentage of body fat to where it needs to be. A combination of diet and exercise is required.

One more wrong belief is that by simply exercising the muscles located below an area of your body, you can burn the fat in that target area. This is totally not true. Your body will adjust to your exercise routine and will use the appropriate energy source needed for the completion of your routine.

Carbohydrates or proteins are usually used during this type of exercise. Now, which abdominal exercises are going to provide the most bang for your buck?

There is no need for any special equipment, you can get a six pack stomach by doing the following exercises:

There are two simple workouts which I advise – three sets of crunches at 80% of your maximum. Be comfortable as you lie flat on your back, place your hands on your chest, then bend your knees, your heels close to your bottom.

In order to begin your “crunches”, pull in your navel toward the floor, and roll your body forward smoothly beginning with your head. You want to go forward just enough to get the middle of your back off of the floor. Do not try to go all the way up.

To set your routine up you simply do a sample of as many as you possibly can. Whatever that amount is, take 80%. For example, your first attempt was a maximum of 10. Obviously when you multiply 10 by 80 per cent, you get 8. So your routine for the first week is to do 8 crunches 3 times with a one minute gap in between each set.

You should re assess your maximum each week.

I wish you well in building your six pack stomach, and be sure to stick with it and It won’t be long before you can show them off.

Steve Roberts is an industry expert in Lifestyle Health and Fitness, you can read more about health and fitness and exercises to lose weight quickly at his blog Lifestyle Health and Fitness.

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