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Treadmill Workouts : How to Lose Weight Fast

Interval training is the best way to lose weight fast. Find out how to lose weight fast withexpert tips from a fitness instructor in this free video about easy cardiovascular workouts. Expert: Aaron Hale Bio: Aaron Hale has been a American Fitness Professional and Associates Cardio & Strength and Conditioning Specialist since 2002. Filmmaker: Reel Media LLC

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How To Burn Ab Fat Fast

We have all seen the ridiculous claims out there of the latest do-dad that will magically melt away your ab fat fast! These people want you to believe that a belt around your waist can melt away the flab while you do absolutely nothing! Who are they kidding the only thing they are interested in is fattening their wallet. Do not buy into these miracle machines to use while you lay on the couch, they do not work.

What does work, however, are good old-fashioned cardiovascular workouts. Walking, swimming, and aerobics anything that gets your heart rate up to training rate and keeps it there for 20 minutes will burn ab fat fast. You need a good cardiovascular workout to burn fat, just strengthening one muscle group will not remove the fat from that area, and you need liposuction for that.

Fat is throughout the whole body it is under the skin and within the muscles. This is why working just one muscle group will not work. That is not to say that you should not work any muscles of the body. In fact, you need to work all the major muscle groups. When you begin working these muscle groups, you add mass that requires more calories, therefore the calories you consume will be eaten by your increased muscle mass. You should work these muscle groups and in this order:

Front and back of thighs






Now you can add in your calves, hips, forearms, and shoulders. Build these muscle groups to really rev up your metabolism, as you do this the flab will begin to come off fast. At the end of your work out work your abs. Abs are an important muscle group they are the core of your body. If you work them, first you will weaken them and undermine the workout of the other muscle groups.

The abs are divided into several different sections and each is responsible for a different action. The internal and external obliques are the muscles you use when bending or twisting at the waist. The rectus abdominis are the large abdominal muscles best worked by crunches. The transverses abdominis are the lower abs and the trouble area for many women; leg raises rather than crunches best work these.

The best plan to burn ab fat fast is a comprehensive training program that will combine cardiovascular, weight training and a healthy diet. Fads and gadgets just do not work and are a waste of your time and hard-earned money. Try instead a good balanced Pilates work out. Trim down the fat and firm up the muscles in a total body workout that give you a great body in no time.

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5 Most Effective Fat Burning Workouts

Did you know there are several fat burning workouts you can do? Fat burning workouts can be actual exercises or activities, as long as there is some type of aerobic movement, which is the key.

When we talk about fat burning, people usually associates it with cardiovascular workouts. But that’s not always true. To burn fat effectively, your heart rate needs to be at around 65% to 75& of your Maximum Heart Rate. To put things simpler, it falls under the medium intensity level.

It does not help a lot if you work out in an intensity which is too high, or too low.

The following are five of the most effective workouts that will definitely help a person burn fat, thus losing weight and toning muscles.

Weight Lifting

Weight Lifting – One of the best fat burning workouts is to hit the gym and start lifting weights. This exercise does not have to last a long time but it does need to be intense and vigorous for the best results. For instance, repetitions should be low to medium, usually between eight and twelve RM, which is “repetition maximum”. For this, it is important to life the most weight possible for the number of repetitions before feeling fatigued.

While weight lifting does help burning calories, it also puts lean muscle tissue on the body, thereby burning fat. For every pound of muscle developed, between 50 and 60 calories are burned every day. That means within a one-year period, 10 pounds of new lean muscle mass would burn as much as 60 pounds of fat, something no other exercise can do.


Another of the great fat burning workouts is with running, something that can be done from virtually any location. Running on flat surfaces and incorporating some hills and intervals will burn up to 300 calories in about 30 minutes, while building lean muscle that in turn, burns fat.

Cardio Kickboxing

A great exercise/activity to consider for fat burning workouts is cardio kickboxing. This particular exercise is exciting and fun, and for a one-hour session, can burn upwards of 500 calories, based on the intensity of the class. Included in this exercise are both flexibility and strength training, which works incredible for burning fat.

Cycling and Spinning

While spinning is done in a class, cycling is something that could be done on a stationary bike or a real bike from home. One of the most popular fat burning workouts, this type of exercise is great for burning both calories and fat. Using a variety of intensity workouts, significant calories can be burned in one hour, often as much as 700.

Elliptical and Stair Machines

The final option for fat burning workouts is using elliptical and stair machines, which can be found in the gym or purchased for an in-home workout. In addition to burning fat and calories, this type of exercise also protects the body’s joints from other type of fat burning workouts that can cause a hard impact.

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Fastest Way To Lose Belly Fat

What is the fastest way to lose belly fat?  If you have researched the fastest way to lose belly fat you will have found already that crunches, leg raises and most other strictly abdominal workouts are not the best exercises to lose stomach fat.

Both men’s and women’s magazines are always advertising the latest in flat stomach workouts, comprised mostly of abdominal exercises that will just shift stomach fat.  Truth is, workout the muscles that lay beneath the layers of stomach fat.  The same holds true for arms, love handles and most other areas where fat collects on your body.  Experts have proven that spot training does not work.  The fastest way to lose belly fat has nothing to do with working out your abdominal muscles.

The first step in the fastest way to lose belly fat is to realize the truth about spot training and save your energy for the real flat stomach workouts.  But what is the fastest way to lose belly fat?  The best exercises to lose stomach fat are the ones that ignite your body’s fat burning mechanism by working out all of your muscle groups or the larger ones in your body.  Theses can be split into two categories:

1: Cardiovascular Exercise

If you really want to find the fastest way to lose belly fat then cardio exercise is important.  Cardiovascular workouts include running or jogging, swimming, cycling, boxing skipping, rowing and many; many more are the best flat stomach workouts. They are effective because they work out the large muscle groups as well as your heart and lungs, which have to work hard to keep you going.

There is some debate over which form of cardio workout is the fastest way to lose belly fat.  High intensity over a short period of time, or longer duration with a lower intensity.  Through research you may discover that the longer duration at a lower intensity, combined with the information in the next section is the best form of cardiovascular exercise.

For starters let’s say at least 30 minutes of low intensity cardiovascular exercise at least 3 times a week, although more is better.  There is a lot to learn when it comes to cardiovascular training as flat stomach workouts, but the information is available.

2: Weight-Training Larger Muscle Groups

It is equally important for men and women and essential if you are looking for the fastest way to lose belly fat.  Muscle mass is incredibly metabolically active – meaning that muscle mass burns calories throughout the day and even while you are sleeping.  The issues with dieting and even the cardiovascular exercise is that you will lose both fat and muscle at the same time.  If you lose muscle, your body’s metabolism will decrease and this will make it harder for you to lose weight.

Weight training is the best way to avoid this.  Losing stomach fat will get easier and easier as you gain more muscle.  If you are a woman, you have nothing to fear, as you can gain plenty of muscle mass without ending up looking masculine or even adding bulky muscles on the outside.

The largest muscle groups in your body are found in your legs, your back, and your chest.  The fastest way to lose belly fat is through building these muscles and watching as your metabolism burns away the fat to nothing.  The best flat stomach workouts when it comes to weight training are, squats, bench-press and lat pull downs.

How To Lose Belly Fat Fast – Learn how to Lose Belly Fat Quickly and how to Get Six Pack Abs. Here you can get best ways to Lose Belly Fat and Get Six Pack Abs Fast.

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