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Best Exercise to Lose Belly Fat

Concentration of fat around your abs that called “belly fat” is formed by many factors: lifestyle, food allergies, bacteria, stress, bloating, and inflammation. As you get older, it is very likely for you to develop excess belly fat and one of the best solutions for that is a proper exercise session to lose belly fat. There is no absolute best exercise to lose belly fat, but these are some doable method you can use:

1. Cardiovascular Exercise

To exercise belly fat means to burn the fat directly from all of your fat cells and that means you can’t do it by perform exercises that only focus on your abs like crunches. Instead, do cardiovascular exercises which focus on your heart rate; if the activity is make your heart rate up then it is good enough, you don’t need to perform any particular exercise, just stick with the one that suit your preferences. A few examples are walking, swimming, jogging, bicycling, basketball, soccer, or other sport activities.

If you don’t like outdoor activities, using a treadmill and stationary bike are good alternatives; most of them are equipped with a device to monitor your heart rate so all you have to do is keep it within the target heart rate zone. Adjust your schedule so you can have at least 20 minutes cardiovascular exercise sessions, five times a week.

2. Using a Stability Ball

This fitness equipment can help you to develop the muscle of your abdomen and back. There are various exercise using a stability ball that focused on abs training, these are few examples: sit on the ball and make circle with your hips, sit on the ball and lift one of your foot alternatively, etc. Usually, manual for abs training is already included in the package and it comes with a detailed illustration too. Just remember to select the right size: 18 inch ball for those under 5’1, 22 inch ball for those between 5’1 and 5’8, 26 inch ball for those over 5’8.

3. Weight Training

The basic theory is the same as any other weight loss effort: the more muscle you have means more calories burned throughout the day and weight training will help you to maintain your lean muscle mass. In other words, weight training will boost your fat loss efforts and keep you from gaining the fat back; after you ready to include this in your schedule, be sure to exercise all your major muscle groups on regular basis.

You can burn most of body fat by cardiovascular alone and maintain it with regular weight training, just choose one cardiovascular activity and that will be your best exercise to lose belly fat. Abs training such as crunches can be added but it is not a necessity. Just remember to complement it with a healthy diet which provides you with enough calories and nutrients every day.

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Best Exercise to Lose Belly Fat Fast

You might be surprise to know that the best exercise to lose belly fat is not what you think. Normally your first point of call will be devoting a lot of energy into doing sit ups which will not yield substantial weight lost. What you suppose to be doing is an exercise that will reduce your carbohydrate and fat intake. Once your diet is sorted out, you can start thinking of the best exercise to lose belly fat fast. Iam going to focus not on one, but three abdominal workouts that have proven to be very effective.

You should first of all get yourself a workout ball, the blow up type. This will be used mainly for three exercises. You will want to target three areas of your abs muscles. The rectus abdominus which is the area responsible for the much coveted six pack look, the transverse abdominus located on the side and the external oblique which is also located on the near the side.

All three of these combines are the best exercise to lose belly fat. You need to understand something right now. You can sit on your exercise ball and do one sit up after another and never gain the results you desire. You need to learn proper muscle contraction at the top of every repetition. Now, let’s look at three varied movements which will really begin to help you lose belly fat.

The combination of the three are the best exercise to lose belly fat fast that have proven to work so well for myself and people. You can sit as much as you like on your exercise ball and do one sit up after the another without gaining the results you crave for. Ok, let now look at three different movements that will really help you lose belly fat.

(a) Sit on your exercise ball with your butt and have your legs stretched with your shoulder width apart. Then place your hand across your chest, then repeat once and squeeze the abs and the crunch position. Do it 25 times and you will begin to feel the burn. I normally do up to three sets of 25 reps.

(b) Next is my favorite. Lie on your back and position the exercise ball between your ankles. Then slowly raise the ball toward the sky and squeeze the abs. Lower your legs and squeeze the abs once again. Repeat this as much as you can and on daily basis and without doubt you will see result.

(c) And lastly, lie on your back and position the exercise ball below your knees like you would when lying on the floor watching TV and have your legs on the couch, but this time around your couch is the exercise ball. Once that’s done, lift your chin towards your knees with your hands across your chest and squeeze your abs at the top. Then slowly lower your chest while maintain the same tight abs. Follow the same pattern as in exercises one and two.

Well, these are the best exercises to lose belly fat fast that have worked so well for me. And with good healthy eating habits and wihtout doubt, you will be on your way to having a leaner and healthier body.

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