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Ab Exercises: Are They A Waste Of Your Time?

If you’ve been doing ab exercises in hope of shedding those unwanted pounds around the middle, I’m afraid I have some bad news…

You’ve been lied to.

That’s right. NO tummy exercise on its own can get rid of your belly fat.

Despite what you see on T.V. or read in the popular fitness magazines, you can not…you will not lose stomach fat by doing stomach exercises.

You see, these companies prey on your fears and insecurities. They use fit, attractive people to make you believe that if you use their product or follow the routine found in their magazine, you will somehow look like a highly paid fitness model.

In the end, only your wallet looks slimmer.

Think about this for a moment. How does your body know to burn fat from just your stomach? And how funny would you look if, after doing a few hundred crunches a day, you had a “ripped” set of abs but the rest of you remained fat?

When you gain fat weight, your body stores it according to your genetics. Some people store fat around the middle, while others store it in the hip, legs and butt.

Ab exercises – or any strength training exercises for that matter – have one purpose and one purpose only…to strengthen your muscles. Yes, exercise helps burn calories but nutrition plays the biggest role in your weight loss efforts.

When you lose fat, you lose it all over, with your trouble spots being the last to disappear. Unfair? Maybe. Frustrating? You bet. So how do you rid yourself of that pesky pooch?

Combining a balanced nutrition plan with regular strength training and cardiovascular exercise provides the quickest and most reliable results.

Some important guidelines for weight loss success include…

-Eat 5-6 small meals a day, never going more than 4 hours without eating something. Doing so helps keep blood sugar levels in check which in turn allows your body to burn fat more efficiently. And in the long run helps minimize your risk of developing type II diabetes.

-Eat adequate amounts of protein with each meal and snack. Unlike carbs and fat, your body can not store protein for future use. So you must provide it with a steady supply throughout the day for proper maintenance and creation of tissue.

-Eat mainly high quality, fiber-filled veggies and fruit as your carbohydrate choices. Studies show a strong link between obesity and the amount of refined carbohydrates a person eats. Limiting the amount of refined carbs you eat may be the single most effective thing you can do.

-Include healthy fat at each meal and snack. It will help keep hunger pains and cravings to a minimum. Be sure to include Omega 3 fats in your diet. Your body needs them to survive and thrive but does not produce them on its own.

-Cut out all drinks containing sugar. That includes pop, sweetened ice tea and all fruit juice. Yes, juice. You may be surprised to know that 8 oz. of orange juice has the same number of grams of sugar as 8 oz. of regular soft drink. And if you’re concerned about missing out on your vitamin C, take a pill – a multivitamin pill that is.

-Perform 2-3 strength training workouts each week that work the entire body. For many busy people, full-body workouts promote consistency and ensure that all the major muscle groups get equal amounts of attention.

-Finally, work towards being able to complete three to five cardiovascular workouts per week. And be sure to work at the right intensity. On a scale of 1-10 with 10 being all out effort, strive to work in the 7-9 range for most of your workout. When I talk to people who exercise regularly but are not making any progress, it’s often because they don’t work hard enough.

Some people ask me if you have to workout to lose weight. My reply is “No”. But it helps build strong muscles and bones. Something we all should be concerned with, especially women. Exercise also helps improve flexibility -another important component of overall health and fitness.

Others would rather just exercise and not change the way they eat. Unfortunately, this approach rarely works. When you can eat a 250 calorie chocolate bar in less than five minutes but need to walk for more than half an hour at four miles per hour to burn those calories off, you begin to see the problem with using just exercise to lose weight. The fact of the matter is, you can’t outrun your mouth.

In the weight loss world, knowledge really is power. The next time you hear or read of a product claiming to give you a flat, sexy stomach, remember that no machine…no ab exercise will do it on its own. You must combine a balanced nutrition plan with an effective exercise program.

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6 Pack Workout is not Just Like Any Other Type of Workout

Everyone wants to look good, and most people these days aren’t just content with being generally fit and looking in good health. These days most people want to be able to bear their midriff without having the excess tummy fat hang over or mushroom on top of their clothes. And this is why many people are looking for help in the direction of what is known as a 6 pack workout.

Now, although you might think that a 6 pack workout is just like any other type of workout, I do have to tell you that you would be wrong. Sure you could do many exercises and things which are advocated in the many diet and fitness magazines as being the workout that you need to get a 6 pack, but without fail you would find out that you are not getting the proper workout for your abs, and that you are not getting a 6 pack.

No, a 6 pack workout involves much more than just losing the fat off the various places of your body. A 6 pack workout targets your abdominal area and strives to help you get well defined, tight abs that are the envy of all those who behold you.

Things like walking, or just doing any old exercise, be it aerobic exercises, strength training or even cardio exercising alone won’t help you. You will need to have a specially formulated workout set aside to help you get a 6 pack, and this is where a 6 pack workout comes in.

Instead of doing exercises that target only your abdominal area, your 6 pack workout will target not only your abdominals but also other areas of your body as well as your life.

Ideally, with a good 6 pack workout, you will find that you have to do strength training as well as cardio workouts, mixed in along with the abdominal workouts; your diet will have to change incorporate healthy eating, and you will also have to change to a healthier, fitter style of life to achieve the perfect well toned body.

And yet you ask, “Can all this be achieved by doing a 6 pack workout?” Well, the answer to that question would have to be a resounding, ‘yes!’ You can make a difference in the way that you train your abs if only you give it the proper training. You should also know the proper form and technique of the exercises you’re doing, as well as be able to do the exercises which matter, which is why a 6 pack workout is so handy, and why it will help you to achieve your goal of getting 6 pack abs.

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