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Flat Stomach Exercise- Your Ultimate Guide

Everybody wants a toned and flat stomach, but not everybody has the discipline and determination to obtain one. Let’s face it: You cannot get an instant abs by just sitting around and eating junk foods all day. You have to move your body and cut back on fatty foods. It may take a lot of hard work, but the rewards will be worth it. You can start your journey to model-like abs with the following flat stomach exercise routines.

The first kind of flat stomach exercise is the basic crunch. The basic crunch works out the muscles in the upper abdomen. Start this exercise by lying with your back against the floor or exercise mat. Put your hands on the back of your head or cross them in front of your chest. Bend your knees so that it forms a 90 degree angle with your feet. With this position, lift your upper body closer to your knees as if touching them. Do this while keeping your feet in place and using your abdominal muscles to lift your upper body. Then slowly return to your original position. Repeat this around 15-30 times. After doing this exercise, you can feel pain in the upper abdomen. Do not worry because this is a sign that the exercise is working.

The second is the reverse crunch which is a flat stomach exercise that works out the lower abdomen. Start this exercise by lying flat on the floor or exercise mat and place your hands near your hips. Then slowly lift your legs with slightly bent knees around six inches above the floor as if touching the chest. By this time, you will feel pressure in the lower abdomen. After this, slowly lower your legs back to the floor. Repeat this 15-30 times.

The third is the oblique crunch which works out the sides of the stomach. Start this exercise by lying against on the floor. Place right foot flat on the floor with right knee bent forming a 90 degree angle with the foot. Then put left foot on top of right knee and place hands on the back of the head. From this position, bring your right shoulder closer to your left knee while contracting the sides of the abdomen in the process. Then, slowly go back to the original position. After 15-30 repetitions, switch sides and bring left shoulder this time to the raised right knee. Repeat this for another 15-30 times.

No matter how much abdominal exercises you do per day, the results will not show if you have layers of fats covering your stomach. Therefore, it is important to shed off these fats through cardiovascular exercises or aerobic exercises. These types of exercise must be done for at least 30 minutes per day. Some common examples of cardiovascular exercises include running, cycling, brisk walking, dancing, swimming or any activity that can help you sweat and keep your heart rate up.

Now that you have been introduced to flat stomach exercise routines, hopefully you can follow these and see your stomach shape up in no time.

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P90x Exercise Ball

With today’s different equipment used on cultivating the muscular body, different equipment had been invented and widely used for the different exercise people are getting in. One of the most familiar and widely used is the Exercise Ball.

Considered as wonderful equipment for the muscular body that each and every person wanted to have, it was really made for reaching and achieving the perfect body you want.

Here are some reasons why Exercise Ball is a must use than any other equipment the market has.

1. Achieving that six-pack body

Known, as the “six pack exercise” this exercise type is aimed to tone the body as well as the abdomen is concern. It is the easiest way in achieving the oblique body, and its quite popular with the abdominal exercise ball users.

Here are the steps on how to create and have the six-pack body.

Its first step is to position one’s self to lie on the exercise ball, making sure that one’s knees are at a 90-degree angle, with the rest of the body on a position parallel to the floor. From then on, the exerciser would have to slowly lift his/her shoulders upwards, without bending one’s hips. Do this with a relaxed breathing and muscles are well stretched.

After this, the exerciser would go back to the starting position. It is a relatively easy exercise, which produces ideal results.
And rest assure that you have that confident in performing the exercise

2. Exercise Ball Abdominal Roll-ups

Aiming the body’s rectus abdominal, oblique and the hip flexors, abdominal exercise ball roll-ups provide quite a workout experience, strengthening an exerciser’s general abdomen area, on which the body would really feel strength which would then result to much appreciated endurance of the body.

This exercise is done positioning the exercise ball in front of a kneeling exerciser, then, after positioning the ball in front, lies on top of the ball. The exercise’s second step comes with the exerciser reaching out, letting his/her hands touch the ground, rolling the ball towards his/her thighs. The exerciser then walks his/her hands until he/she touches the ball, making sure his abdominal are tightened as well as his/her shoulders are properly aligned with his/her hands. Making a perfect balance would then result to a better bending and other body movements.

From there, the exerciser pulls the ball forward, then bending his/her knees towards his/her chest, while the ball is rolled beneath the exerciser until the exerciser’s knees touch his/her chest, and feel the grip and contact with the ball.

After this, the exerciser rolls back into the starting position, then repeating the steps, making a successful Exercise Ball Abdominal Roll-Up. And now result to a better feeling.

There are other exercises, which utilize abdominal exercise balls.
With this 2 simple ways. Achieving the body you want will always be at your hand and what to wait for but to have these Exercise Ball.

Finding the perfect P90X Exercise Ball takes time and effort. The P90X Plus workout is a great place to start if a person is interested in flat abs. The P90X is also another workout that will help develop flat abs.

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Get a Flat Stomach in 3 Days!

A flat stomach in 3 days? That’s a big claim. But quite achievable if the reason your stomach isn’t flat is because you suffer from bloating. How to get a flat stomach is one of the most common questions that many women are searching for an answer to. Why? Because whatever size you are a flat stomach makes you look slimmer. Your bum may be big, your hips may be wide but a flat stomach somehow seems to balance everything up giving you a leaner appearance.

Okay then. So how do I get a flat stomach, I hear you ask? Well the first thing is to stand tall. You may be only 5ft nothing but by straightening your back, tucking your tummy in gently and holding your head up high you will instantly look taller and slimmer. Next you need to consider your diet. Carrying too much excess body fat is not the way to get a flat stomach. Now before you curse and say ‘here we go again, another diet’ just think for a moment about this. If you are gaining weight it’s because you are eating more than your body is burning up. Simple as that. Unless of course you have a genuine medical condition which only a doctor can advise on. However for most people the plain truth is you need to either eat a little less or do a little more.

Small changes can make a huge difference. Try walking instead of taking the car everywhere. Eat one less biscuit or slice of bread, drink one less beer or creamy coffee. Don’t starve or deprive yourself. Just cut back on your daily consumption and get your body moving a little more. Losing overall body fat will go a long way towards helping you get a flat stomach.

Finally you need to work out if you are suffering from bloating. Food intolerance is a common problem these days and may be preventing you from getting that flat stomach. However by following the right elimination diet and removing food and ingredients you are sensitive to you can get a flat stomach in as little as 3 days. What’s more, once you isolate the foods causing you the problem your stomach will stay flat as long as you continue to avoid those foods. Elimination diets such as The Flat Stomach Diet are easy to follow and proven to give results by removing just one single ingredient from the diet.

If you would like to reprint this article you may do so provided the text remains unchanged and you include the “Author Bio” statement below:

Elizabeth Hartley is the author and creator of The Flat Stomach Diet. This diet plan is the result of many years of research after consultation with doctors and professional nutritionists in an effort to discover the causes of painful abdominal cramps and bloating. The findings are based on personal experience after undergoing numerous medical tests and procedures and failing to find any other alternative long term solution. Details of The Flat Stomach Diet can be found at

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Lower Body Workout Exercises : Hip Exercises

Burn fat and build muscle with hip exercises;find lower body exercises to develop tighter legs, glutes, and toned muscle in this free video. Expert: Jeanette Stojcevski Bio: Jeannette Stojcevski has been an avid runner for over 15 years. Her track career started in middle school and spans through college. Filmmaker: Nili Nathan … lower body burn fat exercises workout hips glutes sexy butt legs tone thighs

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Losing Abdominal Fat The Easy Way

The single most important fact that you should know about losing abdominal fat is that there is no magical formula that can make your abdominal fat vanish in a jiffy. Losing abdominal fat permanently requires patience and commitment to some basic tips. But do notlose heart. It is a feat anyone can accomplish the easy way if one understands the reasons why abdominal fat develops and why it seems so frustratingly resistant to all those exercise or diet plans you have tried out but given up too soon to see results.

The first thing you must understand is that there is no physical exercise that can reduce fat from a specific part of the body. When you burn fat for energy, as during an aerobic activity, fat loss will occur systemically, i.e., from all over the body. But since fat distribution naturally varies from person to person, depending on inherited genetic factors, some people will tend to lose abdominal fat faster while others may lose fat at say hips or thighs faster. So do not compare your abdominal fat loss graph with others.

Another thing, doing countless sit-ups and leg-raises or slogging out day in and day out on the latest abs equipment without paying heed to your diet and an aerobic activity is not going to make your abdominal fat go away. What these exercises do is to shape up and tone your abdominal muscles, but do nothing to metabolize away the layers of fat covering them. That is why the shaped and toned muscles remain elusive to the eye.

There is one and only one way of losing abdominal fat the easy way, and that is with the combination of a balanced and nutritive diet, aerobic activity, and strengthening exercises for abdominal and other muscles. The best kind of workout to burn the layers of abdominal fat along with overall fat comprises a cardiovascular or aerobic exercise like brisk walking, jogging, cycling, dancing, swimming or stair climbing, combined with abdominal exercises like crunches and hip lifts, and also weight training for other muscle groups. Weight training increases your lean muscle mass and hence your metabolic rate, implying that you burn more fat even while resting.

Glycogen (stored carbohydrates) is the primary fuel source during the first 10 minutes of an aerobic exercise. Substantial fat burning starts only after stored glycogen is depleted. Hence, the key to fat loss is working out at moderate intensity continuously for about 45 to 60 minutes. However, this comprises only 50% of the abdominal fat loss plan. The remaining 50% contribution comes from diet control. Abdominal exercises will help strengthen the muscles and give definition to the reducing midsection.

However, if your calorie intake is higher than your calorie expenditure, you are bound to put on abdominal fat as well as general body fat regardless of how diligently you work out and how many abdominal crunches you do a day- it is simple mathematics in action. Ideally, spread your calorie intake into five small meals a day instead of 2 or 3 big ones. Include a variety of foods that are rich in fiber and low in fat and sugar, with about 55% of the calories coming from carbohydrates, 30% from protein, and 15% from fat. Avoid carbohydrates late in the evening.

Remember, when it comes to losing abdominal fat, you have to adopt a holistic, whole-body approach as there are absolutely no shortcuts. A surgical shortcut like liposuction also becomes meaningless if you are not going to control to your diet, because removing fat cells from the abdomen by liposuction will lead to excess fat storage elsewhere and perhaps under the chin or on knees or shoulders- where it may look even worse than at the abdomen.

Lastly, here is a fact that is not exactly what you would want to hear: even if you are on a holistic exercise-cum-diet fat loss plan, abdominal fat is most likely going to be the last fat to leave your body.

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Lower Body Workout Exercises : The Squat Jump Exercise

Try squat jumps to build muscle and burn fat;find lower body exercises to develop tighter legs, glutes, and toned muscle in this free video. Expert: Jeanette Stojcevski Bio: Jeannette Stojcevski has been an avid runner for over 15 years. Her track career started in middle school and spans through college. Filmmaker: Nili Nathan … lower body burn fat exercises workout hips glutes sexy butt legs tone thighs

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